OSM Lint

(Paul Mackay) #1

Interesting project from MapBox:


Might be worth exploring to develop linters for Transformap specific checks?

(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

@pmackay that is great!

an open source suite of validators - to understand the quality of OpenStreetMap data, and to identify common geometry and metadata problems at scale.

A problem identified by @species, that we run into more of the times than not, is the in-accuracy of house-numbers in the OSM geocoder, as the data is not there yet.

If Lint could provide some markers for the (in-) accuracy of POIs´ housenumber-locations, then people would know where to invest time to improve the quality of data.

Currently, as far as I know, there would not be any information, if the housenumber given by the geocoder is correct, or estimated based on street length and already existing housenumbers.

We got a script that @species wrote for the geocoder, so that we get at least a marker (in the csv-output), that the housenumber is correct, or estimated.

Do you have any personal contact to the OSM Lint crew? Could you get them into this conversation?