ownCloud : Files, collaborative Documents, Calendars and Contacts : Request account here

I have deployed an ownCloud Instance for the TransforMap over at

Please reply here to request access, so I can send you Login credentials.

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@Michael and @josefkreitmayer already have access to the TransforMap ownCloud folder.

Who else is interested?

hey Jon, I do not yet have access.
just checked my spam, it is also not there.

: )

The access information lie within the private message I’ve sent you earlier.

PS: Please disable your signature if you answer by email.

Bitte um Zugangsdaten. Danke. Thomas

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Die Zugangsdaten sind zugestellt worden.

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yup, I would like access please :smile:

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Hallo, es wäre schön, wenn ich die ownCoud benutzen könnte… DANKE !!! Giuliana

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@alabaeye @Giuliana You received a Private Message.


the SSL certificate for datengarten.allmende.io is expired yesterday.
It is just annoying for me using clients software, but e.g. Firefox users cannot connect any more to the webinterace.

Are there any plans to fix this? Who else apart from @almereyda does have administrative access to the server, @toka maybe?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@almereyda currently the onwcloud web-interface is offline. Error-message below.

##Link to the Issue in Taiga.

Quick workaround: open the site in a private tab (then it ignores HSTS), and you can add a (temporary) exception for this session.

Thanks @almereyda for fixing the certificate, it now uses Lets Encrypt :smiley:!

@Scrumteam1 is owncloud sync working for everyone currently?

It is down with me, but probably just caused by my mobile hotspot connection. It tells me “Zeitüberschreitung”.

By the way, I learned to love owncloud so much, that we will implement it in our organization get active. Our open source enthusiast Tobias will implement it : )
Thank you!

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