Participation in Digital Social Innovation

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I have just made accidental contact to Amaury van Espen, who works on understanding Participation in Digital Social Innovation. This interest will probably lead to a PhD, but nothing is set in stone yet.

There seemed to be a broad overlap in our understanding of the relations of compartiments involved in these self-organized economic and mapping efforts we are witnessing. Not only did he provide three new links about third spaces and places, as well as placemaking and places in the making, but is an active user of Gephi for network analysis.

@daniel Could you check if you can get the MapOfCountries plugin from to work? There seemed to be a problem finally compiling it on Windows.

Social Network Analysis
Cooperation with ESS Global and Value Flows
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@almereyda Just use the binaries :wink:

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@Amaury_van_Espen_van Did you already try what @daniel proposed?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #4

Does it work on your computer with that data ?

i’ve got build error because of missing libraries

open catalog is here :

(daniel) #5

If you could give me a short introduction on how to import this data, I would give it a try…

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There is java files here, sorry =)

The repo for the script that converts shapefile to a flat file that is packaged in the plugin:…/S…/tree/master/src/main/java/Controller

(daniel) #7

Hi @Amaury_Van_Espen,

just compiled the converter. It compiles fine but I can’t start it.
It looks like I made a beginner mistake (I’m not a java crack at all).

Here’s what I did:

  • Imported the project in IntelliJ using the Maven project model
  • Synced the pom.xml to get all dependencies
  • Changed the paths in the Controller/Main-class to reflect my folder structure
  • Ran the “deploy” maven task
  • Tried to start the resulting .*jar using something like this: “C:\target>java -jar ShapeFileReader-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar”

In the end this procedure gives me an error, complaining about the missing manifest in the jar.
To overcome this, I created a new Artifact (in IntelliJ’s Project Structure dialog), checked “Build on make” and specified the Main Class (Controller.Main). Then I built the project and it seemed to work fine but when I try to execute this jar, I get an error about the missing Main Class altough it should be the right one…

Might be some quirks with my PC at work. I’ll try it later when I’m at home again or maybe you have an advice ready?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #8

I’ve got the same problem … missing libraries from windows I thnik
M. Levallois(script owner) never answerd me :frowning:

(daniel) #9

I’m using a windows box at work as well. At home I have a linux box. I will try to build it there but it will most likely get late :coffee:

I will share the results here when done.

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Thank you so much,
I very interesting in helping community by finding files to shape in order to support gephi with community analysis and interaction with timeline as well as with map
However i’m still locked in shaping files and purpose it to the community (it is about border of subregion)

(daniel) #11

The code seems to be alright and it doesn’t depend on the used OS (like it should be when using java). Instead there is just a missing part of the configuration in the pom.xml:


When you paste this inside the <project>-Tag of the pom.xml, this adds the missing manifest to the jar.
If it doesn’t work for you, I could also send you the compiled jar.

Edit: When the missing part was added to the file, the steps in one of the above posts (the first part of the posts with the bullet-list) where sufficient to get a working build.

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I forked it on Github with a (hopefully for everyone) working maven dependencies:

The code runs without errors (except that the resulting files are empty) when supplied with e.g. the NPDC_Ponctuel_Photoaerienne.shp file.
Looks like there are some limitations for the input files. I found the following filter statement in the CoordinatesExtractor-Class:
if (p.toString().toLowerCase().contains("polyg")) (
So it seems that this thing only works with polygons right now?!

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #13

Thank you Daniel,
You are right, the main aim to the script is to design border on the map for subregion and being able to be more precise by zoomin’ through spatial analysis in Gephi.

Have you got the result for the region that I sent you ?
I’m not at home currently, but few fellow would enjoy to use it as soon as possible =)
(they do not have maven of development environment.

Also, @almereyda, I had a very interesting discussion about Place, Space (importance of Time dimension) and Codesign through Placemaking and Places in the Making.

I would suggest to access the follow review,
let me know if you have an authentification tokens =)



Placemaking and Places in th making
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Hi @Amaury_Van_Espen,
I’m currently not at home as well but will upload the binary to my page as soon as I am.

Have you got the result for the region that I sent you ?

There’ve been a lot of files in the *.rars. could you point out which one you exactly mean. I’ll try to convert it then.

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(daniel) #17

Here’s the binary:

usage is as following:
java -jar /path/to/ShapeFileReader-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar /path/to/shapefiles/shapefile.shp

It runs. But with the files I tested so far (not too many) it only produced a empty output file.
The output is named the same as the input file but with a .csv extension and is stored in the same folder as the input file.

Good luck with the data. If you have trouble, we can try to figure out how to fix it. But as I haven’t used these file formats before, I would surely need some help with it from someone who can tell me a bit about the data.

Edit: @Amaury_Van_Espen I updated the github repository with the information from this post. I would suggest that you open a github issue for problems that may occur. These issues might be and stay the only documentation :wink:

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #18

Thank you Daniel,
i’m getting in Touch with Clement Levallois who could (i hope) give us advice and write documentation.

I will let you know
@almereyda I’m on Trello =)


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(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #21

Good afternoon @daniel,
i’m still looking for the good files (with borders)
quit an hard job

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #22

Hi @daniel, @almereyda

I’m still looking (more than 2 month later …) for appropriate files … it seems to be a very hard task.
Even in the regional institution they do not understand.
Would you be kind to have a look with me about such useful files ?
You shoud probably better know where to find this kind of information if it’s available.

Thank you for your kind collaboration