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(daniel) #23

Hi @Amaury_Van_Espen,

since I’m not a geo-guy, I think I would also have trouble to find the right files.
Maybe I could help with some kind of converter that enriches or infers the missing information from existing (or other) files?!

Do you have a brief description somewhere of what you’re trying to accomplish?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #24

Hi @daniel =)

first, still trying to use the plugin “Map of Countries” already discussed
primary goal is to analyse cluster (about creative industries and stakeholders) on a map of region “Nord Pas de Calais - Picardie” then in France.
So, i would like to be have to underline borders of the town and region on the background used through Gephi.
That is the point with the converter and the data … the famous geolayout according to the Gephi plugin “Maps of Countries”

There is a question about the place “for co-create” and the place "where they really co-create"
the analysis should show the distance between place and co-creator. (we hope not so far ^^)
otherwise : is there best “geographical” place (considering atmospherics and feelings … but it is an other part)

(daniel) #25

Thx for the explanation. As I was already writing on a follow up to my previous post, I will just post that…

Ok, I read over the thread again and try to comprehend what you’ve written so far:

  • You’re using the Gephi Maps of Countries plugin
  • You need more precise data for specific regions in that plugin
  • You’re trying to use the ShapeFileReaderForGephi application to convert existing shape files to pre-layouted graphs
  • It won’t convert the files you’re supplying or the resulting files are not usable/not working with the plugin

I think I will have to take a look into the code to figure out why it’s not working. What I know from the last time, is that it uses the GeoTools-Library to work with the shapefiles so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what’s wrong.

If data from OSM would be suitable, I would use their data for testing.

I most likely won’t be able to start before weekend. I will post here about any progress.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #26

Thank you @daniel =)
that is exactly what I’m trying to do,
if the data are suitable, i would like to understand and learn how you did that =)
in order to explain to others and to give a contribution with your help =)
i would be very grateful and could also puprose to build other files (background) for gephi users and community =)

best greetings


(daniel) #27

Hi again!

I found data that looks very much like the ones you’re looking for here:
Natural Earth - Cultural Vectors

I stripped it down to include only France: (278.7 KB)

I found out, that the OSM-Data doesn’t really contain information about administrative borders (OSM Q&A) etc…

Now I think that I have at least the right data to do some further testing. For the case that I get some data out of this converter: Where should I put it so that the Gephi plug-in can use it?

(daniel) #28

The data is stored as resource. That means that we would have to recompile the plugin with different data or have to change it so that it will read the data from files.
I think the better approach is, to generate a nodes- and edges-csv from the shapefile including latitude and longitude.
Then you could use the GeoLayout plug-in alone to layout that graph. Maybe not as convenient as the plug-in but surely more versatile.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #29

About a dataset with latitude and longitude, I will ask Raphael Riviere from Communecter,
he uses my dataset with his script to geocode
we could try it, dataset is about cluster “pole de compétitivité” and technology hub.
For the background of map (the file generated) we could purpose it onto the Maps of Countries plug-in page or directly on git-hub of the plugin ?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #30

AmauryFinal_1.txt (33,3 Ko)

Good morning @daniel,
I’m looking for the good file.
Currently, Raphael has sent me a json file with GeoCoordinates
its extension is .json, but i had to change it to .txt to uplaaod it here



(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #31

Good evening @daniel
ok to generate the csv for france,
do you know if there is regional data for countries on their website ? I mean, borders of town in a region ? anyway, it will be france and better than world =)
Let me know in order to do a test
thank you

(Jon Richter) #32

I’ve just enabled the upload of .json and .csv files.

cc @gandhiano @toka

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #33

thank you @almereyda

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #34

@daniel could we try something with another database ? i will like to make a test with map on gephi,
thanks for your kind collaboration

Amaury =)

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #35

Dear @almereyda

a short video about “Coworking” and “Space”, the way to improve a way of thinking and to work together



(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #36

It seems that @Simon_Sarazin is writing something about Third Places =)

still trying to properly use Gephi to modelise nodes and relationship on a map,
i received an email from PPIGE about

thank you again @daniel for your support,
I hope we would be able to use this data with Gephi

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #37

Could it be useful @daniel ? to use with your script for a Geph regional background ?

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #38

@daniel : i found that dataset with geographical data :
would you be kind to tell me if it could be useful for the MapOfCountries plugin for Gephi ? I’m not able to use it properly

I also discovered @almereyda what do you think about ?



(Jon Richter) #39

Doesn’t open for me.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #40

(Jon Richter) #41

Okay, yes, this page may be hard to parse for @daniel, as it is written completely in french. But I actually meant mapinseconds, as you pinged me on this one.

Note you can also upload json or csv files directly here in Discourse by using the button, or by dragging and dropping.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #42

Hello @almereyda

I hope your fine
would you be helpful by supporting me with @daniel for the translation ?

I’ve found another dataset with a data model and data geo-json about MEL - Métropole Européenne de Lille, related to borders.
Could we test together the script ?