Paul Free (living free of money means empowering the people)

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I’m Paul and working at the moment on several projects, all connected to the idea of gifteconomy and colaboration.
My main focus at this very moment is on
Yunity for the first release will be an opensorce online plattform all mainly all about uncodicional sharing. Beside the online work yunity is aswell an offline comunity which cames out of the movement of foodsharing, which has sofar 100.000 members.

I’m highly interested in creating social architecture which is creates a culture to allow effectively colaboration in agile selforganized networks. To open up the silos a lot of organisation are caged with the intetion of lifting each others ideas up. In here I’m interested in online same as offline networks.
One of my intention is to connect with all the different projects working on same ideas. One outcome of my dream would be an opensource tool which provides agile network with any kind of tool is needen/helpfull to manage projects without the need of fixed structure but selforganized.
If anything of this sounds interesting to you and you’ll love to colaborate together with other projects leave me a message and we may can shuttle a voice chat.
For the Juli there is planed an event which is called yucon.
The yucon is a selforganized event to turn “your dreams into reality.” It will be organized and hosted after the philosophy of uncondional sharing OpenSpace and WouldCafe like settings will invite to
rethink old habbits, aswell in finding aproches while beeing in a colaborative process and experience a enthusiasm way of learning.
Also to break down “Silos” organisations, activists and interested people are quiet often “caged”. Which is then about supporting the idea of “cocreating free of limit”, which goes hand in hand with the
colaborative comunication tool "DragonEye"
But aswell also to experience communitcation/expression in all kind of ways. Music, art, dancing, theater, meditation and so on.

Beside that I’m traveling with seeds and hack around to have a little revolution of freeGardens, which is a idea to once questionize the concepts of ownership, while still showing respect towards those who belive in, but also to creare free food for free people.
Or to say it other, I’ll just go somewhere, create a garden and leave ^^.

I’m living since 2014 free of money after I came to the simple conlusion that money is not helping to evolve our society. So I just stoped using it. More about the reasons why I’m living free of money you can find in here: (sofar not so much infos, but from time to time I will ad some new)

One other project I’ve working with is called Sharevan. Which will be a moving platform to connect different networks towards each other, but also to host workshops, create events, direct action, musik, building and so on. This project will lift up the next days, but we’re still locking for a van and a group of people who is passionated about rebuilding vans/buses or people who like to learn how to repair a van to turn it into a living space of freedom.

Some old skills I’m not using anymore but willing to share: Crypto Currency trading based on psychological understanding of the market aswell then using tools based on algorithms. In case, what I actually not hope ^^, there’s from a view people interest about this theme I can host a workshop about that, but only in combination of a workshop about: “living free of money”

Wow, you’re still reading? You may like to connect, to see where is collaborative potential existing.

Thanks for your time sofar and thx to @transformap for starting this projects.

lg Paul Free

connect with me:

(Thomas Kalka) #2

Hi Paul.

Thank you for showing up.

Where on earth could you be met ?

Could you provide a link to sharevan ?

Welcome on board.

(Paul Free) #3

I’m reachable more or less everywhere in europe.
At the moment I’m in Rotterdam, will head from there to Copenhagen for couple of days then a short toor throw germany and then back to rotterdam.
…but I’m not having any fixed place where I’m reachable.

Website about the sharevan is existing but sofar without contant. Hope we can manage to get some contant on there. I will post the link after we’ve done.
Propably will take 1-3 weeks. …to much going on ^^.

happy to be on board
– Paul