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(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Continuing the discussion from mmm.3oe.de with a specific focus on the POI form

##Some additional improvement suggestions by @josefkreitmayer and @alabaeye about the POI form.

Overarching comments:

  • Each time there is an open entry field it should be self-explanatory: eg. “Other”

Specific comments:

  • POI Type

  • ? description needs link to listing of osm or “what is it” describe with one tag (=Keyword) what your POI is.

  • “Try hard to choose one of the available options. Look at the OSM listing of POI types for inspiration”. put links and so

  • text field after URL: what is that for?

  • merge first adress field and second

  • look up coordinates does not need to be visible, but can. It should probably be below adress. very few people will know long.lat. coordinates of their locations, but almost all know the adress.

  • replace the google locator by OSM (if possible)

  • Status: what do we want here? if "running, closed, project status (dropdown, or options, so that people can choose)

  • Start/End: add help box: “Only for events. Add a start and end date if you are mapping an event”

  • Opening hours: add ? box: “Give opening hours where visitors are welcome”

  • Provides:

    • ?:“The needs fulfilled by the project / initiative / organization” (reorder by alphabetical order).
      alphabetic order = clothes, contribute & participate, culture, education, energy, food & drink, health, housing, knowledge & skills, land, mobility, objects of utility, open space, safety, spirituality, supportive relationships, water,
  • Add “other” open field.

  • Topics: what do we want here? No help pop up.

  • Could rename to “keywords”.

  • add pop up ?: “you are free to add your own keywords that best describe the initiative.” Put a , after each keyword. eg. lending shop, non monetariy, givebox, …"

  • could move up (earlier) in the form

  • ‘Modes of interaction’:

  • in the ? description there is a typo interaction>information: “Mode of Information” of the project / initiative / organization

  • change text to “Mode of interaction mainly used by the project / initiative / organization”

  • ‘Network(s)’: delete/merge, as it is redundant with following ‘Communities’ and “networks” should be included in the ? description of communities
    eg. ? description: “Is there a broader movement(s), trend, network or community the project relates to,…”

  • ‘Supporters’: what is it?

  • “Please write a short summary to outline…”: this text is asking two different things. How can we make it a bit more simple.

  • “summary” is that by default, and/or what is it? Seems superfluous.

the transformaps atlas and geospatial mapping
(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

@josefkreitmayer and @alabaeye just reviewed the questionaire in the mediawiki. Adrien posted the improvements we collected in the post before.

@Silke: me and Adrien both agreed, that

  • the questionaire is in full accordance with the prior questionaire that it is based on, and fully reflects and respects the work of the taxonomy group.
  • it is a great tool (with the suggested usability-improvements) to do what we want to get with the testmapping

thank you @toka

Discourse adaptations to TransforMap's needs
(Silke ) #3

Thanks @josefkreitmayer, will have a look at it with @toka these days and try to unterstand if the problem related to our discussion of the mandatory “community identity” has been taken into account as well.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

@silke, we did not cover the mandatory issue, but in general, I think it will work out, and people (even if not mandatory forced to) will also fill in that question.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #9

@toka hallo Thomas, wie sieht es damit aus?

liebe Grüße

(Josef Kreitmayer) #10