Polycentric Maps

(Matt Wallis) #1

@almereyda, the link referenced in your tweet provides a very useful list! I don’t quite understand your emphasis on polycentric maps. Could you elaborate?

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(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

@mattw, what is a polycentric map?

(Matt Wallis) #3

@josefkreitmayer, I took the term from https://y.te.gs/2015/let-me-leave-you-one-or-two-clues-how-you, as mentioned by @almereyda. Polycentric means multi-centred.

(Jon Richter) #4

The usage of the word goes back to a dialogue between @alabaeye and me. We found the topological terms used for scale-free networks often misleading and too technical (page 39). Terms like decentralized, distributed or federated are regularily used interchangeably, whilst each comes with different preassumptions.

A representational view and depiction of networks appears to be a top-down directed cognitive process, as it manifests a hierarchy of order constrained by the two-dimensional (diagrammatic) presentation. Its dialectical counterpart at the bottom-up side of the scale would then be an unconnected multitude of individual nodes never arriving at a consensus about a protocol to use.

The middle-out perspective of polycentrism offers us to look at many centres in the same time and makes no assumptions about connectivity. Because every independent node can be seen as a centre of its own, polycentric maps are hosted in many places.
This experience goes back to the understanding of Berlin as a multicentric city, where no single quarter dominates the existing others meaningfully.

Probably polycentralized would have been a more understandable neologism.

(Jon Richter) #5

Regarding the ongoing conversation between @Silke, @alabaeye, @gandhiano and me concerning ideal network topologies in diverse cooperation (polycentric, distributed, decentralized, federated), whose outcome will have to influence the text above, some inspiration:

(Jon Richter) #6

Linked this page on Hypothes.is.