principles for commoning TransforMap - generating a global mapping commons

Continuing the discussion from Ale Fernandez @alefernandez:

here I put them in a pad to see, what would fit for TransforMap as a mapping project:
:page_facing_up: Principles for TransforMap {first draft}

here a first shot, that is a TransforMap related derivate from the principles of the vocabularies linked above. This is the content of the pad above at the current status, written up in 10 min.

  1. clarify and hold up high a collective aim of contributing to an alternative economic, social and sustainability transformation by developing excellent maps of activites that concern that development
  2. enable collaboration between different people in different organizations using different software on different platforms using different human and programming languages.
  3. form global networks of partners which take responsibility for their topics and/or geographical areas, as well as area of technical and social expertise
  4. develop social, economic and technical stocks and flows that enable the project develop and stabilize, to become a trustworthy and realiable institution contributing to a global transformation towards the good life for all and a healthy planet
  5. coordinating work between different people in different organizations to follow the collective aim.
  6. The maps / mapping system(s) must be fractal. It must support global and thematic views of networks in aggregate as well as drilling down to lower and lower levels of detail. Those lower levels of detail, for example contact details and specific data aggregation may require permissions.
  7. The maps must be useful and are not a mere purpose for themselves
  8. TransforMap supports non-business-as-usual organizational forms and economic relationships in addition to traditional business organizations and relationships, to contribute to the collective aim.
  9. TransforMap develops contribution where all the contributors can get shares of the outcome to allocate as they wish e.g
  10. TransforMap supports central and decentral infrastructure, with the aim to build as decentral as possible, but not more or less decentral as possible.
  11. The mapping process and data sovereignity should be subsidiary. Responsibilities and sovereignity should be as local as possible.
  12. We start with what we have and can, and get better.
  13. We iterate
  14. We build working prototypes test them and from the conclusions set our next steps
  15. we dream big and start small
  16. The social process has the same value as the technical process
  17. We are aware, that very many people that contribute to TransforMap are non-technicians, so technical approaches must be comprehensive for everyone in order to include everyone interested and willing to contribute in production of understanding by questioning and showing serious interest

as mentioned above / first shot.

Those are excellent principles! We will refer to them in ours.

We will also hope that something will come of all that interconnection…

This does not implicitly assume we cannot critically argue about the statements above. I feel the text mixes some layers of abstraction and could generally need some critical decomposition before remixed republishing.

Instead of merely listing and proclaming aspects of our work, we could do good in creating, contributing and sustaining collectively regulated, systematically integrative writing processes. So let’s see first how we can bring your thoughts into contact with existing conversations again, as such:

Then we reach out to other conversation domains again and explore and remix our propositions even further.

The community calls and reports could indeed turn into properly stewarded, editorial processes. Engaging in those could also mean offering these theses in a prepared environment for discussion.

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