Process for participatory online decision-making

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I wonder, if loomio would help us on clarifying such proposals and decisions. We have quite some discussions, but very rarely come to conclusions or decisions.

How we deal with that?

Actually we decided on the issue linked above in munich.

Is that decision somewhere (apart from the protocol) displayed?
Is there some protocol on decisions?
Should we introduce that?

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changing the initial headline:

#How to process proposals to decisions and make decisions count in practice?

into a more concise and pragmatic one:

#Process for participatory online decisionmaking

Thank you @almereyda for your critique on my headline practic

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As I tell you, personally I like the outcome, but as well, I think we cannot go on making our decisions on such unreflected bases and need to adopt a more concious and inclusive practice, very much also speaking about myself and my own practice, that lead to the [crisis situation from sept 2015 onwards.][1]

I think we have to change our patterns of making decisions.

For example the (outdated) decision for the ownCloudCalendar, which was first an idea to try it out in the technics-group for the Scrum-Standups, was suddenly rolled out for all events for everyone
I started a discussion with @species about the implications of a ownCloudCalendar-rollout for the general community.