[Proposal] Editor for Linked Open Data-sets

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I’ve sketched a proposed workflow for our future TransforMap editor.

This is the detail sketch of the editor from the transformation of different distributed datasets to Linked Open Data post.

When the user is about to add a new POI, it looks in our partner databases, if there is an existing POI and fetches as much info as it can get out of other databases, to aid the user.

There are two ‘branches’:

  • There are already datasets: the user is asked to merge them (left branch)
  • The POI is ‘new’: It starts a walk-through, asking each attribute at a time (right branch)

At the end, the user gets presented all attributes at once, before clicking “Submit”.

After the “Submit”, the ‘magic’ starts: The editor uploads different attributes of data to different databases - each part of data where they belong thematically. Links to the dataset in other DBs are automatically pushed to each DB.

Addition of more databases is intended - I’ve included a imaginative “Solidarity Economy Attributes DB” - attributes from our Taxonomy Table 4 and 5 may be end up there, if the Solidarity Economy movement wishes to use their own server.

The sourcecode, as well as PDFs of this chart can be found on github - called “editor”.

As always, improvements and comment are very welcome :slight_smile:

Note to self: add encommuns, and other future partners to sources, to be sure we “thought of you too”

Have you looked at any existing linked data editors to bootstrap this?

Generally it feels to me like it could be beneficial to consider how to model all this in linked data and then reference out to other sources where needed, that may or may not support high quality linked data.

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Not yet.
I’ve sketched this to visualize the requirements for a LOD editor for TransforMap. No line of code is written yet, it is just a very basic design to get an idea of the workflow needed.

It would be our last option to write such an editor from scratch. It would be far better to build upon existing solutions and enhance it. Do you know of LOD editors out there, could you provide links?
Your knowledge could be a start of an assessment of existing LOD editors for TransforMap!

@almereyda - I think this would definitely make sense!

  • A task for assessing existing solutions is needed here in taiga.
  • this relates to User Story #166.
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I think I came across many interfaces, but none seemed end user friendly enough. Were you thinking of specific ones?

This connects to the public API + backend for such an interface.

From my simplicist undertanding, a Hypermedia API is a feasable approach to bridge between RESTful worlds of API consumers and LD, in this case JSON-LD, capable clients. Switching to a pure LDP implementation may seem a bit early for now, glimpsing at its dependency of WebID+TLS. Running enterprisy SPARQL endpoints + triple stores remains also quite afar from a civic self-organisation perspective.