Proposal for a barcelona street based project

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(Ale Fernandez) #1


During the recent event here in Barcelona, I participated in Rizoma, a street based project that aimed to develop an open and circular ecology between the resources offered by different participative spaces in Barcelona - both formal, institutional spaces and less so. My aim was to map agents, resource types and actual tasks carried out by the group(using OCP - which is the software also used in for an open system for mapping and structuring cooperative community projects) whose practical purpose in that event was to build a free play area in a local urban garden with a playground space in it. We all got to know various open spaces around Barcelona and participated actively in processing and elaborating recycled materials to create play structures.

We were left also with a wish to be able to undertake more of this kind of work, and even make it into an ongoing project so people can follow the same process as us, to build more resources for urban spaces, or for other socially positive or community based purposes.

I’d be really interested in involving transformaps work and use a community bucket to put the taxonomy as well as all the maps we have that map different aspects of Barcelona’s alternative economies and spaces. I thought it could be a practical tour, or even a game allowing people to physically get to know these spaces, and at the same time, to somehow build on this data and on the definitions of different terms that might be necessary in our context.

For more info on rizoma, here is a spanish language summary of what we did.

I hope I’ve understood properly and that this is a good practical application of transformaps’ work, but I’m totally happy to debate this further!

Speak soon,


Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets
(Ale Fernandez) #2 here is some video that I hope shows what tends to happen when we hit the streets! It’s based around the idea of “young urban explorers”

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Great that you pick up the call!
For everyone to better understand your proposal, could you:

  • make a concrete description (or various clear options) of the activities you are thinking about?
  • make an evaluation of the budget that would be required for those activities?
  • describe the impact

Go for it!

(Ale Fernandez) #4


So for rizoma/exploradores urbanos (one is mixed audience, the other just for kids) - it depends on the focus, it would be from the 18th -22nd of this month(so very soon!) or from 5-9 september or both. there are 3 routes we usually do which are sea, mountain and city - and it’s all using public transport or on foot. So the idea is to focus mostly on the green map and put into use the taxonomy to see what arises from that. The route is around the Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood of Barcelona, beginning in gracia and going towards the sea.

So the participants will be joining in in visiting “open” spaces with machines (fab labs) and that use recycled materials. We will do mapping in various experimental/participative ways (as seen in the videos). We’ll obtain recycled materials to create a children’s play space based on what we discover about the spaces. The actual child play space will be very simple so do-able within these two sessions. All the discoveries will be mapped via video and audio and posted online, and mapping info mapped back into the data.

550€ would go to 100 for food, 150 for transcribing/mapping/admin activities and 200 for printing/materials and 100 for transport.

This would raise awareness about transformaps and related tools and maps in barcelona, about all the maps we have already that aren’t in it, and create a physical play space plus knowledge amongst the participants about what various spaces around them can offer in terms of recycled materials, resources(space, projects active in them). Map data would be updated according to what we gather. Participants would also have knowledge about the maps and tools and be able to further edit them.

(Adrien Labaeye) #5

@species may actually be able to provide information about taxonomy that are available beyond the green map (which is very limited).

(Ale Fernandez) #6

ok great! i will contact!!

Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets