Proposal for A Critical Atlas


Our group and aim
We are a collective of critical cartographers, some of us are part of the group orangotango and we want to publish a “A Critical Atlas” in 2017. With this proposal we’re asking for funding for the making of the atlas, especially for the realization of a workshop and translations.

What is the atlas about?
“A Critical Atlas” will be a compilation of mapping projects, which are, in diverse ways, “different” from conventional cartographic products. Such a “different” cartography largely takes place beyond the realms of professionalized cartography, that is outside of traditional academic, mass media, governmental or commercial spheres. The actors of “different” cartographies are often action researchers, activists and social movements. They design maps to raise attention to social grievances, to empower the underprivileged and make their voices heard. Actors of “different” cartographies are also often artists who create maps to reveal and challenge our perceptions of – and positions in the world.

The atlas will present and discuss a broad range of such cartographies with a cross-cutting focus upon several practical facets: firstly, a range of heterogeneous methods, techniques and technologies of map making will be introduced. Secondly, highly different contexts and motives of map making will be presented. Thirdly, we want to stress the question of usefulness or even effectiveness of mappings. To what extent are the maps influencing people and thereby contribute to the overcoming of miserable social conditions? Lastly, the Atlas intents to inspire readers to start mapmaking themselves by introducing lay persons to cartographic practices through practical hints and guidelines.

Finally, this project does not serve any commercial ideas and we want to publish the Atlas under the Creative Common license.

Why do we need workshops?
All in all, we received more than 100 responses to our call, ranging from (online) maps, offers to write a text for the atlas, papers, vague ideas, art projects and aid to support us in our work. Besides discussing questions concerning form, content, resources and layout, we just developed a suitable structure for the Atlas (document with the content attached: ACriticalAtlas_Content.pdf (240.3 KB) ). Composing the different map projects and with that finding a central theme seemed one of the most important steps. But there is still a lot to work on. Because the people of our collective are spread over Germany, workshops are a great format for us to work. With the rent for a room, travelling costs, material a workshop cost as well around 500€.

Why do we need translation?
As we received transmittals from many different parts of the world (from Latin America to North America, from Indonesia to South Africa) we agreed on publishing the atlas in English, which is probably the language, most of the people (which would be) interested in reading the atlas will understand. Most of the contributions are translated till now, but we still need translation for six contributions from Portuguese and Spanish into English. An amount of 500€ for these translations would help us a lot.

It would be great if you would support our project with some funding from your community bucket!

Thanks a lot,
Severin, Laurenz and Jinna for the collective

The Atlas Strategy
Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets
Call for mini-proposals: funding the community with community buckets