Proposal for converging Semeoz work and Transformap wiki of maps

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(Maïa Dereva) #80

Don’t worry @Amaury_Van_Espen , the most important is that datas has been saved in the wiki. won’t exist for a long time I think, or maybe in another form, as I didn’t find any specialized developper interested in interoperate WP with others solutions. I think it’s a pity, but it is. I work with WP-LDP/Alternatiba team, let’s see what will happen there :slight_smile:

(Maïa Dereva) #81

Hi @alabaeye @toka

I’ve deeply modified so now the posts (and all the maps) are available via the API (for the maps, category = 327)

All the tags are now linked to a wikidata code. Here are their names:

  • wikidata_topic linked to field “post_tag”
  • wikidata_actor_type linked to field “acteur” (<= type of actor involved eg “association”, “public”, “company”, etc.)
  • wikidata_coverage linked to field “pays” (<= country)
  • wikidata_content linked to field “contenu” (<= type of content eg “film”, “analyse”, “interview”, “description”, etc.)

I’ve used this WP plugin:

If a developper can tell me about the relevance of the datas and the possibility to import them in the Transformap wiki, that’d be great.