Proposal for User Story #410 - User login

(Mario Rothauer) #1

Hello Transformap-Team,

I’d like to implement User Story #410 - User login

Therefore I would like to talk (Skype: mario.rothauer) with a developer that I can ask some questions about CouchDB and the task itself.

I’ve already done some work for Transformap:

So, please contact me :slight_smile:

Have a good day,

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(Jon Richter) #2

Dear @mrothauer, please also consider the following to complete your proposal:

(jums) #3

Im reading a lot what’s going on without intervening much, as backend developper, mostly on web tech in Ruby & Node, this login issue #410 which can be implemented through Oauth2 based on external providers is handable for me as I already implemented it in Rails.
The creation of a user category in a system is often critical as it often ends up being a "god class"
As jon mentionned it, I do not mind working as a team, as long as payment issue is discussed between the team before starting to work.

(Mario Rothauer) #4
    2 + 3) I am not experienced with CouchDB or Oauth2, that’s why I am interested in this user story.I would need a short introduction before starting to work on the issue.

(Jon Richter) #5

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