[Proposal] mid2016-18 LDAP for TransforMap

@species have a look at that following and correct, if you think that is useful to correct.

Currently TransforMap can just process and store data, that can be licensed under Public Domain license. That means, that just Data, that can be fully published online can be mapped.

In the near future, latest 2018, also closed data communities (eg. Stakeholder-Data that is mapped, Members, …) within the thematic areas of TransforMap will be possible.


LDAP (standard protocol for contact databases)

@gandhiano could you explain a little about LDAP. One small paragraph.

Federation fast foward (probably 2018)
a Federation of LDAP servers communicating
LDAP-Server is a piece of software, that enables interfaces in LDAP-standard

@almereyda do you see that within a good timeframe for closed data, for communities as for example the Transition Network, or other membership like mappings?

@alabaeye we can post some items of a possible tech roadmap in here, discuss them, and generate a collective picture of estimated timeframes by that.

Maybe that idea of using that for development is wrong, maybe it works, we will see : )

Looking forward to the retrospective. Looking forward to generating the roadmap : )