Query endpoints for the Semantic MediaWiki

(Jon Richter) #1

The Semantic MediaWiki in use today at https://wiki.transformaps.net provides an interface to enter any kind of data. The system is in active use by the Québec community (Fablabs, Remix the Commons, …) or, for example, OSGeo.

Our interest with getting data in and out of the Semantic MediaWiki extends to exporting the raw data in common format.

Such a format could be RDF serialisations. Hence a common way of accessing RDF datasets is via a SPARQL interface.

One option for Semantic MediaWiki is to store all data in a compatible RDF store and make it available via this. Another option is:

(via @otisyves)

(Bhaugen) #2

@almereyda and all: do you think your TransforMap wiki could be, or could become, this?

We’re going to the next session next week.