Release-Event: “This Is Not an Atlas – This Is a Counter-Cartographies Convergence”

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Hello transforMap

after an editorial process of four years, we are excited to announce that Not-an-Atlas will be published in the end of October 2018 by transcript (for the announcement see here, see fact sheet). Stay tuned for more information regarding the book and homepage release.

As one major moment of the book’s publication, we, in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg foundation, Le Monde diplomatique and transcript, are organizing a release-event to be celebrated on the 20th of October 2018 in Berlin at the ZKU – Center for Arts and Urbanistics. “This Is Not an Atlas – This Is a Counter-Cartographies Convergence” (working title inspired by 3Cs) implies an exhibition, lectures, and workshops. We want to bring together actors involved in counter-cartographies – authors, academics, activists and anybody interested in the topic – to foster exchange, consolidade networks and open new paths in counter-cartographies.

Since the release marks the end of a long process of collective and self-organised editorial work, we invite you to celebrate the publication and to think about your form of contribution (e.g. information desk, exhibition). If you plan to participate, please let us know, so we can sustain your participation. In addition to the release-event in Berlin, we plan a second event for international guests in Hamburg, to benefit from you being on-spot, depending on your duration of stay and interest. This event will be organizied in colaboration with the Working Group “Critical Geographies of Global Inequalities” and take place within a few days after the Berlin event, exact date and location are yet to be specified. (There might be also the opportunity to organize follow-up events in Erlangen, München, Amsterdam, Paris/Grenoble, a.o.) In September/October we will release the official announcement of the book release, for this we would appreciate your help in spreading the information.

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