Remix the Commons

(Jon Richter) #1

An old Etherpad from the aftermaths of Degrowth 2014 tells us we are going to receive french vocabulary translations from the Remix the Commons collective in France.

Are we still connected to them, namely Alain Ambrosi or Fréderic Sultan?

(Yves Otis) #2


I’m Yves Otis (percolab, Montreal) working with Fred and Alain on the RemixTheCommons project. In the past year, we’ve been doing a important work on the content of the Remix platform, especially on the wiki ( ). We choose to use the Semantic Mediawiki family of tools to make everything more … remixable!
We also experiment in trying to connect some pages (concepts used as tags for the videos and people referenced on the wiki) to other sources of information (P2P Foundation, Wikidata, DBpedia, WorldCat, VIAF), either by Sparql and API requests or interwiki links. It’s still a very crude prototype of what can de done but we’ve learned a lot in the process about the challenges ahead of us!!

Here’s few links (all in French) to explore :

We’re happy to discuss all of this and connect with your works.

(Jon Richter) #3

Good, as we will have an extensisve chance to talk during WSF in August.

(Yves Otis) #4

Hey Jon!

Cool to read that you’ll be in Montréal in August.


Proposal for converging Semeoz work and Transformap wiki of maps