Requests for mapping event facilitation

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

@alabaeye as you were on that topic several times, I adress it to you, as mails are comming to my inbox which I do not know how to process:

following requests:

  1. a map event on the sharing economy in vienna on 22. July
  2. "Hello,

I’m attending an event organise by oui share on Lille and I’m interested in the transformap project, is it possible to have more information and to know how I can participate and what does it imply ?

Thank you in advance."

Ideas how to assist now/then?

(Adrien Labaeye) #2

as a process for request to organize events I would suggest that we have a topic where you/we share those requests with the community with all the information that is required for others to plug in, and produce proposals that may include payment (from external budget or internal).

For other requests, I would suggest sending people to discourse with a short intro, pointing to a couple of key posts that may interest that person and encouraging them to write on #welcome-on-board:who-is-who