Resources, People, Networks: Mapping the Ecosystem

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(Jon Richter) #1

After @alabaeye wrote about

and my previous research is now extended at we come to remember our interest for social mapping.

Next month Supermarkt invites to

… map out the international platform coop ecosystem. The aim of this event is to create an overview of resources, people, networks and events around the world. The more we know about what is going on the better we can connect the nodes and help making the movement even more sustainable and powerful. …

:link: Ankündigung

(Bhaugen) #2

Have you all given up on ValueFlows? I seem to be out there on your metamap disconnected from anything. Lynn Foster does not exist. Elf Pavlik is curiously connected to Metamaps. Hmmm?

(Jon Richter) #3

Hi Bob,

I’m still promoting the idea of the vocabulary, but since most people do not work with such sophisticated data modelling languages, it’s hard to convince them to change everything in their implementation.

This event is by the local platform cooperativism community, and I wouldn’t wonder if they come to be talking about Blockchains at some point.

The Metamap above was once curated by @alabaeye on a best effort basis. It seems we could do good in transferring our knowledge about the involved social networks into structured data, in so we can find multiple visualisations.

Keep up!