Revamping of the TransforMap section in the OSM wiki

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(Michael Maier) #1

Hi all,

In preparation of the first “official” import of TransforMap data (Wandelwoche POIs), I’ve restructured the information about TransforMap in the OSM-Wiki. I’ve moved the general description of TransforMap from the Tagging Proposal site to a new page called WikiProject TransforMap.

So the following pages about TransforMap now exist:

All interested people, especially @Silke, @josef please review!

(Jon Richter) #2

What does the term WikiProject refer to?

(Michael Maier) #3

“WikiProject” is simply a string chosen for the projects section in the OSM Wiki. A WikiProject can be the imports of all poo-bags in city XY, or also the collaboration with Wikipedia.

As it is a ‘project’ for OSM to work with TransforMap, I added it there.