Roadmap and User Stories from Solikon 2015

(TransforMap Collective) #1

Report from TransforMap Roadmap workshop at Solikon 2015 - Berlin

The workshop took place in 3 phases:


Around 25 participants with full room. From complete beginners to more advanced change mappers.

#Input from TransforMap contributors and friends

##History of transformap (told by Silke Helfrich @Silke)

  • Started from a workshop in 2013 at the Böll Foundation by Silke and Thomas where they realized there was no map of Berlin or Leipzig with relevant intiatives

  • We need a map based on needs

  • Different movements come up with slightly different sets

##Technical background / history provided by Jon Richter @almereyda
##Mariana Malta explains the linked data approach of RIPESS

#Participative contribution to TransforMap’s Roadmap

  • Brief presentation of roadmap as it stands. Then participants were asked to describe what they would expect: writing a user story for different functions they’d find useful.
  • The result in pictures

Pasting some raw images from the workshop which currently live in ownCloud. Needs a lot of refinement.

(Michael Maier) #2

Here is the link to our backlog on taiga, for those interested.

(Matt Wallis) #3

@ColmJunior, who attended Solikon 2015, asked me recently if I knew where the user stories gathered there were documented. Is this still the place?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #4

yes, this should definitely be the place. Unfortunately the summary/reporting is not yet finished/posted. Will have a look at it.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #6

Ah, great to see it. Now we just need volunteers to type all cards in.

And built something like this:

Just keeping in mind that it should be easy to change/adapt.

(Jon Richter) #7

Why I proposed to use as a starter.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #8

Good enough. Shall we pair next week to get it done?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #9

we still need to clean up this thread, and wanted to invite all participants of the workshop here, right @Scrumteam1? Or to a new thread, whatever, but we need to present a roadmap and invite for discussion as promised.