Sam Rossiter @SamRossiter

(Sam Rossiter) #1

Hi all

I’m Sam. I work a couple of days a week for Transition Network.

I have also done a bit of volunteering for

(Thomas Kalka) #2

Hi Sam.

Welcome on Board!

I will be glad to help out in every aspect regarding this discourse forum and possible tools.

Where are you located ?

(Sam Rossiter) #3

Hi Toka

I’m in Bristol UK.

I added more info & some questions here: Transition Network checking in



(Thomas Kalka) #4

Thank you.

Are you going to join our 15MMM efforts ?

We will have regional and thematic projects and it would be a great opportunity to try some imports of your data as one of the thematic projects.

(Sam Rossiter) #5

Hi @toka

Pretty stretched for time this month to get actively involved, I could grab some test data out of into a CSV if that’s useful?

lat, long, initiative name, website

Or similar?

Let me know if that’s any good for you.



(Thomas Kalka) #6

Hi Sam, glad to hear that.

If possible, I would prefer to talk about adding small features to your site, that would enable continuous data flow into transformap. Are you able to add features to the transitionnetwork website yourself ?

To clarify: I would prefer to write scripts , adapters or similar to transfer data automatically so work done once can be repeated. Doing imports by hand could be nice to have some first showcases, but it creates more and more data, for which we will find time to care about.

In principle, we could grab data from your initiatives description pages (for example
To keep data updated, we need a feed of changes.
So, if you could add a page to your website, which lists initiatives in some easy to parse data format, sorted by last change, this would be a big step forward.

An other optional step would be to publish data in a machine friendly way.
There are two roads, which can be followed:
a) publish data on a separate page: basically you would take a copy of your drupal template, which creates current initiative page, and change it to only provide data, either in json format or in some easy parsable html form. This page could be linked in the meta section of the human friendly page (which would open the data for everyone, not only transformap) or could be calculated from the main url. For example or or,
b) make it easier to get the data out of the current page by adding machine friendly css styles (the microformat way).

Best, Thomas

(Adrien Labaeye) #7

Hey @SamRossiter!
Was having a look a the Transition Network map and was suprised to see how few initiatives are displayed there. What is the reason? Is this going to return to “normal” any time soon?

(Sam Rossiter) #8

Yes we had a problem with the map. It’s now fixed.

In fact we have moved our site to Wordpress and now use a OSM map

It takes forever to load, but gets there in the end.

We’re just about to start looking at our geo information/initiative records in a more considered way.

We’re looking at aggregating together data from several (Mostly Wordpress) map sources.

I’ve just been looking at your SSEDAS work and the embedable map, it looks great.