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Hi @jmvanel! Welcome here.
The semantic wiki can be found here:
We’re not another data silo (well the semantic wiki is). The current pulls data from OpenStreetMap. The ambition of Transformap is to allow exchange of data from multiple existing sources (maps of alternative projects) and vizualize it on a map with filtering + search.
But others here @species @toka @almereyda can tell you more if you have specific questions.

I have a question about the thing (I’m not a techie and not sure what this is what I see): can you shortly introduce it? aim? use? contributors? plans to improve UX?

Thanks for plugging in!


Thanks @alabaeye for this quick answer.

Alas the project underneath ,
which is : semantic_forms
has more ambitions than documentation, and video and white paper lack badly !

But there are the links on bottom of page that you saw maybe:
User Manual

Manuel utilisateur

To compare with what you know, Semantic MediaWiki,
both allow to create Linked Data ( RDF ),
but semantic_forms fully leverages on existing ontologies and vocabularies ( same thing ! ) and SPARQL database standard from the W3C,
while AFAIK Semantic MediaWiki is wiki centered, forms must be defined in a specific way, and no complex queries are possible.
Also I’m not sure whether Semantic Media Wiki can import any RDF content .

Salut @jmvanel, nice meeting here again. Remember last April in Fil Rouge?

Unfortunately the service seems to be down right now. Are there any plans to make this available again?