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Because of an overlap in words, establishing a precise vocabulary is important.

Example of conflict:

  • Node can refer to a node in a graph, a node in a network, or node as in NodeJS.
  • Set can refer to a set as in a subset, or the act of setting something in place.

Therefore, please conduct your language with the following semantics:

  • Group, is an unordered collection of finite things.
  • Peer, is a gun server that can be connected to.
  • Mesh, is a group of one or more peers connected via some topology.
  • Partition, is the disconnection of peers, forming a divergent mesh.
  • Value, is a binary, number, text, or relation that exists as a singular whole.
  • Field, is a symbol used to reference a value at any time.
  • Node, a group of no, one, some, or all fields, as they change over time.
  • Graph, a group of nodes. Different from a “graph node” which is a node itself.
  • Universe, all nodes over all time over all meshes.
  • Key, is an index used to hopefully find a node in a mesh.

Now, for matters of operations, we will define the following:

  • Set, as a verb, is changing the value on a field, or fields.
  • Stream, the sets on a node over a series of divisible time.
  • State, the sum of streams on a node that a peer had at some time.
  • Sign, verifying the hashed signature of a compressed state.
  • Sync, exchanging states and streams between peers to arrive at a signature.
  • Save, to snapshot the state of a node or nodes into storage by a peer.
  • Soul, is the practically unique, immutable identifier for a node.
  • Send, firing off a message into a mesh, irregularly repeated until sent.
  • Sent, proof that a message was received, might contain data that needs no receipt.

Summaries of the API vocabulary…

  • Key, creates an index to remember a node by, typically for human use.
  • Load, open a key or bring a relation into cache, to start exploring a graph.
  • Path, navigate through a graph, via fields, by chaining relations together.
  • Get, gives you the node or value from the path, and as they are changed.
  • Set, to change the value on a field or merge a node or nodes.

Similar to the prescription at

we may want to find an agreement on our shared understanding of the term Semantics.

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