Semeoz inventory of maps

(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Let me bring to your attention this awesome atlast/directory/mapping of maps of alternatives in France:
Direct link to the website.

The site seems license under P2P-BY-SA-RP (reciprocity license).
I have contacted them to see whether we could collaborate: e.g. clone their front-end to display data from mediawiki (it’s Wordpress and PHP), exchange data, collaborate on setting up a joint multilingual front-end.

I also add this map of alternatives in French Alps built on the open source software Chimère:
It has lots of nice icons licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 !

I guess @toka should be excited and @almereyda a hald excited and half frustrated (Wordpress…)

Maïa Dereva @MaiaDereva
Collection of Mappings before the move to
Icons for TransforMap
The Atlas Strategy
(Thomas Kalka) #2

I like their pragmatic approach. The mappings are collected on pinterest, which supplies screenshots.
Classification is done in their wordpress instance. There is not much technology, which we could reuse or share but we should try to join efforts on collecting maps.

@alabaeye could you provide a translation of their tags (the not obvious ones) ?

  • Agriculture

    • Landwirtschaft
  • Alimentation

    • food
  • Arts / Culture

    • Kunst und Kultur
  • Associatif / Humanitaire

    • not-for-profit / humanitarian
  • Bien-être / Beauté

    • Wohlergehen ? / Schönheit
    • Well-being / Beauty
  • Commerce

    • Kommerz
  • Communication / Presse

    • Kommunikation und Presse
  • Économie / finance

    • Ökonomie / Finanzen
  • Éducation / parentalité

    • Bildung / parenthood
  • Énergie

  • Energie

  • Entreprenariat

    • Entrepreneurship
  • Environnement

    • Umwelt
  • Gouvernance

    • Governance
  • Habitat

    • Housing or Habitat (I suspect they use it more like housing)
  • Jardinage / Bricolage

    • Gardening / DIY
  • Jeux / Loisirs

    • Games / Entertainment
  • Médecine / Santé

    • Medizin / Gesundheit - Medicine / Health
  • Mode de vie

    • Lifestyle
  • Pédagogie / Instruction (that’s a weird use of the word. I would have used “Formation”)

    • Pädagogik / Training
  • Pensée / Savoirs

    • Thinking / Knowledge
  • Réseaux sociaux

    • Social networks
  • Sciences / Technologies

    • Wissenschaft / Technologie
  • Transports

    • Transport
  • Urbanisme

    • Urbanism
  • Vacances / Voyages

    • Urlaub / Reise
  • Vie pratique

    • praktisches Leben / Everyday life
  • Vie sociale

    • soziales Leben / Social life

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Yes I saw they use pinterest, which has the advantage to engage a different public. I thought once of starting collecting maps there, at least for myself.
Would there be no way to somehow use their CSS to pimp the semantic wiki?
Would there be a way to sync data between the websites? A java script importing the new edits?

I edited your post with translations in English.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

In my reserach on the mapping of mappings in search for possible editors, I also found Chimere and opened a thread about it.

(Maïa Dereva) #5

Hi everybody :smile:
I’m Maïa, co-funder of
Our goal is to “to engage a different public” yes, and to propose a “sexy” frontend with easy tags research.
We don’t have any developper in the team, and the actual site is the 1st version of a project we imagined much bigger (multilingual). So we are open for any suggestions and share.
I must say we are only 2 people really working at, and even if we are happy to have a functionnal site, we are aware there are many better things to do (the wordpress site has many bugs…). We worked with an “Agile” way of thinking : let’s do something, even if it’s not “the best” at first…
In one word : we are open, let’s share.

(Jon Richter) #6

Yes, let’s share. It appears the TransforMap idea itself is also much bigger than we could accomplish. But it is also a lively network and a warm community to connect initiatives from around the world to talk about what alternative economies really are.

In the end, welcome abord, feel free to explore this Discourse and connect to like minded individuals from around the world!

With your mapping I am happy to see you also feature countries from “the global south”.

(Maïa Dereva) #7

Yes, we try to give a hole picture of the world but it’s hard because it’s a huge work… and we didn’t make 1% of what we think is possible :smile:

We are going to talk with Adrien Labaeye and see how we can possibly connect our initiatives. C u soon !

(Adrien Labaeye) #8

Welcome @Maia! Great to have you here! So you proposed to meet for a skype on tuesday 9.02 in the afternoon to explore some lines of collaboration. @toka, @almereyda would you be available? Especially @toka as you’ve been the one setting up our semantic wiki.
Multilinguality: wikidata could be the solution if I understood well.

(Thomas Kalka) #10

There was a call with @Maja, @alabaeye and @toka, which is documented in this pad.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #16

According to a talk during “Assemblée des Communs” in Lille
then a discussion about Semeoz onto slack and facebook,
what would you think about make a list (spreadsheet) of the maps, listed into semeoz,
then, list the contact details about the owners of data and invite them to share their data into an open format (like a json standard or something else ?)

(Maïa Dereva) #17

If it can help, here is an XML export of the datas :
There is already an “e-mail” field that can be used (and i can add a “contact name” field if needed)

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #18

@Maia would you be kind to export it through “excel” then import into a spreadsheet maybe ?
What would you thing about ?

(Maïa Dereva) #19

I tried but I can’t do that, it seems that the file has a special format. I hope somebody can help here…

(Thomas Kalka) #20

I have written a converter for the data:

You can find the result here

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #21

Thanks =)
I’ve also made a pivot table, currently share with Maïa, in order to validate the format and to fill with “owner details” data
Could me make a “large” registar request from the “wp:postmeta:_url_crea” data in order to get the information from owner (with a whois) ?

(Thomas Kalka) #22

I have updated the csv to include whois information.

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #23

you are definitely better than me =)
I also did it with a “SPLIT” command into a spreadsheet
Maïa is currently the owner of file

(Amaury_van_Espen_van) #24

I will try to discuss about it on wesnesday about “Préfiguration de l’assemblée des communs”
@oceatoon received an email about the same topic



Improving the mapping of maps