Sharecity will identify and examine diverse practices of
city-based food sharing economies, determining their
form, function, governance and sustainability impact.

Research initative offering database incl. map.

Oona Morrow part of sharecity and yunity.

Postdoctoral Researcher
"I am a human geographer, and postdoc researcher with, I have experience with qualitative and quantitative research, participatory mapping, and action research. I have also been rethinking economy with"


hey @Paul_Free! Are you in contact with Oona Morrow?
I see the Community Economies community as the most suitable academic place where to anchor Transformap. I’m preparing a paper that draws heavily on it using the term alternative economies. More info is available here:

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@alabaeye. I’ve wrote her in the yunity slack channel. She should join this conversation soon.

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HI Paul and Adrien,
This sounds like an amazing project !! I would love to be involved or help out in some way. There are some great pieces on mapping the solidarity economy that might be useful to you in this endeavor. Do you want to meet over skype and you can help me understand the project more ? best wishes, Oona