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I would like to draw your attention to this initiative from Maastricht (NL), where they have developed a very practical (and stylish) tool to coordinate voluntary action. You could call it a “social marketplace”, because everyone that’s registered is able to post thier abilities, offers and demands in an Ebay like environment. Take a look here:

My question: would it be possible to integrate such a social marketplace to transformap? The advantage would be, that events that don’t have a fixed place and time, could be integrated aswell into the map. For example: a Kitchen-for-all in my neighborhood this afternoon, a bike around the corner that needs repairing, a concert or a political march from one place to the other.

When these two are integrated, in time a general platform could develop, that bundles the power of voluntary action and the sharing economy and unifies the many initiatives into one community!

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We are fiercely watching FLOSS (freely-licensed open source software) like Sharetribe or Hylo which seem to be on a good way to publish the data they hold in a structured way under shared vocabularies, so that third parties can make use of it.

Instead of forcing volunteers to be part of a single community, we encourage individuals and organisational bodies to reclaim ownership of their data and publish it on their own. But we focus on establishing shared languages which allow us to integrate diverse data from multiple locations into various views. But @bhaugen or @mariana could tell you more about how to tackle offers and wants from this point of view.

In general, we also aim for visualizing value flows and their intrinsic tempospatial dimensions. Unfortunately you run into some serious logical problems and data standardisation topics which are not solved yet.

Please feel highly encouraged to systemise and solve those with us.

Here’s where we are trying to congregate such initiatives;

However, so far, it looks like most of the projects that could be, do not want to be, so congregated. But whatever, we will persevere.

Thanks for those links! Those are good projects already, but, if I understand you well, it’s still hard to integrate value flows into a kind of map like transformap? Although i’m afraid not being able to help you with the technical stuff, this project of the Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg may be an opportunity to work on a solution, there are 50000 euro of funding available for a project which support the “welcome culture” (Wilkommenskultur) in Berlin. Would you be interested in giving it a try?

We have some connections with organized refugees, but are currently not seeking to compete on those funds.

@bhaugen and I aren’t good at fundraising, and feel that our time is better spent doing what we are good at, although we are very willing to answer questions or review proposals for anyone else who is trying to raise funds.

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