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This is the place to ask and asnwer all questions related to test mappings.

Andreas from Solidarische ökonomie Netwerk is struggling to make initiatives appear the map on
Andreas, you can post your question by adding a ‘reply’?

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Hi everybody,
we in the orga team of Wandelwoche+Congress for solidarity economy in Berlin need quite soon our 60+ choosen projects located on a online map of Berlin + Brandenburg.
I once started to use the transformap tool to enter WELTRAUM Nachbarschaftsladen in Kreuzberg with JOSM editor, it worked somehow, but I didn’t manage to make it visible for me in OSM.
So if somebody could during the next days explain to me the process to enter these 60+ projects (name, description and url only for the beginning) so that in the future these entries can easily join transformap - it would be a big help and we could as we go along enter another 200 projects in transformap during the next months.
Is there an alternative to josm editor as my macbook pro is too old for Java 7 and I am struggling to get the josm editor installed on my ubuntu netbook :-S

Regards and thanks in advance

Please specify, what didn’t work? I see it here:

One requirement for the POIs entered into TransforMap is the affiliation to one of our Communities¹ - only if that information present now when entereing a POI into OSM, it will show up on TransforMap later. So we have to add these POIs with additional properties from our taxonomy!


At the moment, no - sorry. But I would be glad to help install it on Ubuntu! What part of “aptitude install josm” did not work?

We could have a phone call/conference next week to resolve your questions/problems!

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did something happen? I’m curious to know if @ateuchert you managed to get the map together.
From what I see that didn’t happen yet:
@ateuchert can we help?

And especially since you talked about the heavy resource needs of JOSM, you could try out our iD editor fork at .

I’ve been in contact with @ateuchert via Email, he has collected most of the POIs here:
The table is missing some entries for our TransforMap Taxonomy in the interaction and needs colums, but that’s a minor inconvenience, and I guess we can start importing soon!