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This is the discussion page related to and its entry in our wiki:
The idea is to bring in one place the various threads of communication between Transformap and the team behind that map.

Please feel free to complete the wiki entry or let us about additional information/mistakes, etc.

@josefkreitmayer asked @jnardi if he was aware of the map. To what he answered:

“Yes, we are in close contact with USSEN ( the Unites States Solidarity Economy Network), part of RIPESS North America. I was in Detroit less than a month ago and we coorganised a workshop on
mapping with Craig and @TomShareable. I also mentioned Transformap and we’re working to evolve on ESSglobal.
We’ll have a meeting soon… So let’s cross over!”

Taking stock of mapping methodologies (in the alternative economies' ecoystem)
Collaboratively mapping alternative economies (published article)
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A meeting is proposed by Emily (one of the contact person for the map) to have a first contact on Friday 3PM Berlin time (9AM in NYC). They will try to bring their developer.
@almereyda or @gandhiano, it would be good that one of you be there to cover tech details. :slight_smile:

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First meeting happened


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Further elaborating on this I am preparing a typology of the various approaches to mapping alternatives economies/the new economy based on the description of real-types. It is based on data from, interviews, discussions on this forum, and other informal exchanges. I will distribute a draft soon for critical feedback, in particular from Craig Borowiak and Emily Kawano.