Spain - several imports to Susy-map conversation

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

Dear Josef,

I’d like to explain you the process we are following in Spain regarding the Data Collection for the SUSY Map.

We are working very close to REAS, the Alternative and Solidarity Economy Network in Spain. They are working on a map also and updating all the information about their innitiatives. We have hired them to do this review and updating for SUSY also, so in March they will be able to share with us the REAS database for Spain (not only our 3 territories).

So! I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Is the excel to collect the SUSY data updated with all the categories. I’d like to send them the latest version so they can fill it properly and in an easy way.
  • What do we do with the data we already sent to you? Normally they will be included in this new database, so you can replace one databese for the other.
  • Will you include the data for Spain or only for our 3 territories.
  • In case we want to extend the database with the information of other maps (Plataforma per la sobirania alimentaria del PV, in review in this very moment (+20 entries)), I guess we can send you other excell and you can include it in the map?

And I guess that’s all for the moment. Thanks for your effort. The map is beautifull and vey atractive. Congrats!

Have a nice WE,

Hello Lola,

I just read your message, and would like to request a timeframe, when you would like to do these imports. It is impotant for me to clarify, that we can very likely not do dataset-replacements or mayor imports before the 6.3. as the main focus is currently on development. It is also not fully clear, if we can provide the services you require without a - small - budget. What seems relatively easy with the spreadsheets becomes complex with the imports.

There is also another question, what is the best reasonable strategy to implement data of existing running map projects. We are working on an import mechanism, that also fetches regular updates from the source. That development is currently on hold in favour of the editor and finalization of the initial SSEDAS assignment.

To describe the problems and disadvantages of data-juggling manul exports from existing, running map projects:

As we currently already have the case, there is some data-points in the SUSY-Map, that very likely will also appear in the map where the export is drawn from. If that is very few, that is no problem, because you can just import, and delete outdated ones manually. The more existing points you have, the more overlap you have, the more manual work and lost of overview will appear. So the more we manually import data from existing live partners without implementing an automated update-mechanism (which we have in workin queue), the more manual work will be unaviodable in the future. We are also working on a mechanism, that allows to version the data, which we can currently not do. Once that is in place, it is not substantially problematic to override a point, as it can be set back, if the overriding information might be less up to date then the initial one.

  • To import points, that are not represented yet is an easy task.
  • To import updated points, that are already represented in the map from a non-connected import is painful work.
  • To import new and updated points from a running system, and sort out, what to import, and what to leave out or update, as it is already represented in the map, is really painful.

That said:

  • Please send the Links to the partner maps, then we can see what data stocks we are talking about
  • For each partner it is relevant, how active they are in their mapping effort. If they have 1 edit a year, we can handle them as static map, if there is several edits a month, we can consider them a dynamic map partner
  • Is there a - tiny - budget for connecting / importing the maps?
  • What is a timeframe, that you would like to work on importing the data? understanding, that we can very likely not do it before the 6.3.

Hope for your understanding,
everything takes time, we do our best, and need to be clear when to take which step and how to handle the ressources and assignments available at a point in time for the best longterm output for the ecosystem and all partners involved,


(Josef Kreitmayer) #2

Today Lola (CERAI) spanish SUSY-Partner had a brief call with me to follow up and clarify the previous email-conversation above.

REAS, the spanish Solidarity Economy Network is reworking their map. Initially the idea was to simply excel-import the initiatives from REAS into the SUSY-map, which I mentioned several arguments for not being a strategic good way in the written conversation above.

In the conversation today, we found, the best way would be Lola to contact the REAS team to get a contact to the developers for the new map system, and get into a brief conversation about possibilities of integration in the near / midterm future.

@almereyda @gandhiano that might become a usecase at some point for the ETL. If a conversation with the technicians of REAS emerges, it would be great if you could take the time to be part of a conversation about possible perspectives.

###Some thoughts on the REAS map setup:

  • There is already a developer / development team contracted for the new map.
  • The overall site-system is drupal.

current simple google map

  • Currently they use a google-map based system with about ~400 points on it.
  • The popups in that map are just name and category.
  • The name in the popup is a link to a subsite with further descriptions.
  • The category system contains of many categories with many doublets (I suppose originated by the mapping from the various partners in the various regions)

region maps and lists

  • The map is integrated with categories and regions to choose and lists to appear from there.
  • In general the website-system is full of lists with initiatives.
  • The individual sub-page for an initiative was in many cases - afaik - emtpy. e.g.