Sprint retrospective and planning meeting

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The first TransforMap scrum sprint, initiated at the Solikon will end on the end of the month. As we spoke on an earlier thread we find useful to meet personally to have a good end with an in-person retrospective meeting, reviewing our backlog and planning the next sprint.

This meeting will also be important to reshape the team involved in the development process of TransforMap (including non-techies). This means, we want to have all the team that will be working on the next sprint (6 weeks), to be at this event in the emerging Hackerspace in Witzenhausen.

If you feel you can/want to join, please express your dates preference here.

@almereyda @species @josefkreitmayer @alabaeye @kei @toka @all (we need this one ;))

@almereyda @species @gandhiano
Looking at the framadata,
I think we can prepare for 2nd - 4th of November.

If you agree, could you like this post, then we can do the bookings.
Tickets get more expensive by the day, as it is a quite short timeframe from now.

@alabaeye @kei @toka how is that one for you?

Journey Days 1st and 5th would be great.

For the record (and booking) :sunflower:

I could already come the 29th and leave the 6th directly to Rostock; visit my grandmother, if that’s okay. Actually any cheapest train between 29. and 01. will do.

After talking to @gandhiano I’ve looked up some connections:

Berlin Hbf (tief) Do, 29.10.15 ab 04:41 4:42 1 ICE, RE 29,00 EUR
Witzenhausen Nord Do, 29.10.15 an 09:23

Witzenhausen Nord Fr, 06.11.15 ab 06:59 5:10 3 CAN, ICE, IC, S 45,00 EUR
Warnemünde Werft Fr, 06.11.15 an 12:09

Can you please indicate here, if anyone booked?

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Hello @almereyda the booking is done, the tickets are on their way : )

@species and me are booked for arriving at 1st in the morning 7:23 at Witzenhausen Nord.

I would book my train back for the 5th in the evening. What do you think? @species as well?

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As I prefer not to travel alone, 5th is also okay too.

@TomShareable just wrote to me, that he would have come to vienna the days we meet in Witzenhausen.

He would probably like to join our meeting.

Tom: The 31st would be my traveling day as well. I’ll actually be in a small village a couple of hrs outside of Frankfurt and will have to go there first before I could head North. I’ll just have to start heading south on the 4th.,So if there is a place for me to stay/participate I’m there.

here my 5 cents:

Hello @TomShareable I personally would apprechiate if you like to join on the 1st, probably the 2nd as these days is still preparatory.

The meeting is intended to be a retrospective to the last sprint and a planning meeting for the coming sprint. If you would like to join the days 2. - 4th, commitment would be required to work on the topics of the comming month.

As we have very many open loops, I am sure, this meeting is very important for further developing the core contributing team on levels of technical aspects as well as on procedure and values. Currently 2 big projects with Deadlines in June 2016 and governance issues might be top priorities.

@gandhiano @almereyda @species
What do you think?

Do we also have other contributors joining up to now?

hey guys. I have been silent as I torture myself with academic writing (about TransforMap).
For me it’s really tight and I would have to cancel a couple of meetings, but I could come on my way to Bologna (maybe @TomShareable we could then travel together). I would come on the 2rd around 10:30 and leave on the 5th at 6AM…
Does that make sense in terms of the forseen agenda?
@gandhiano: How far is the location from the train station?

Sorry, I will be busy with opera / school every day.

Oh, you are one day early.

Hey @TomShareable don’t let this stop you from coming over. It’s an open group and everybody is invited to join at all times. How to design such a relation and which constraints we have to enforce will then be decided ad hoc.

@kei can’t come.

Do that. Please ask @josefkreitmayer to book this connection for you, as we want to keep payment of travel subsidiaries and their respective accounting central in Austria.

hmm. I have to change my ticket to Bologna… I doubt Josef can do that for me…

I am available to come for the prep day. I can be there starting on the
afternoon/evening of the 31st and will need to take a train early in the
morning on the 2nd to catch a flight in Dusseldorf in the afternoon.

Yes, it makes sense. Location is 20 minutes walking, 5 minutes bus from train station.

just for confirmation:
@alabaeye as you write you will arrive the 2rd.
It actually is tuesday 3rd, right?

you’re right the 3rd, Tuesday.
@gandhiano: I will need a quiet place with Wifi for an hour to give a presentation in a seminar on Tueasday around 16:00. Is there such a place? Thanks


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Are you still about to arrive today? When?
If so, come to :globe_with_meridians: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/341649964

Transition Town Witzenhausen
Brückenstraße 20
37213 Witzenhausen
Tel: 05542 6170347

via http://ttwitzenhausen.de/impressum.html