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(Adrien Labaeye) #1

Hi there, I am starting a review of where we stand with the idea to have a complete overview BEFORE Munich to be sent to everyone via mailing list on Friday 12.06 . Please add input on the various items and suggest new items.


  • Montreal: a meeting about MMM was organized on 8.05 by @otisyves gathering data sources:Francophonie
  • France: Francophonie
  • online video presentation of TransforMap in French for Les Chemins de la Transition with Nicolas Loubet and Sylvia Frederikson TODOx: add link
  • contact with individuals willing to map in Saint Etienne, Nante, Lyon.
  • contact with encommuns see other sections
  • India: initial contact but didn’t moved on. Need to follow up: INDIA - Vikalp Sangam
  • Berlin: a bike mapping tour with a focus on urban commons is organized on 13.06. Needs from taxonomy + Umap and onland mapping will be tested.
  • Witzenhausen / Nordhessen: a testmapping took place in Witzenhausen on June 4th, together with a project marketplace of initiatives related or cooperating with Transition Town Witzenhausen, Transition Town Kassel and Essbare Stadt Kassel. A few points were mapped using the id editor.

#Cooperating Systems
##Infrastructure the use of our forum has increased. Still difficult to bring people on it. Once there are there it seems fine. Big increase of activity in last month (1/3 of posts). Some dissent about use of sub-categories which number has exploded. very difficult to find, not on landing page. Recent post from @almereyda. Underused communication tool. Next steps: @alabaeye planning a post to report from his field research, bring to landing page top menu. great advance in hackathon. Lean landing page. Content editing through Next steps: Content needs to be improved. Content editing roles needs to be organized including training. Bug by updating content (for @alabaeye to be fixed).
##Governance (we may keep this out. Hard not to make a very subjective assessment.)

  • Inner governance:
  • working circles: Went through some crisis with depart from Michael V. Still to find a proper way to organize work. We have been struggling with our distributed structure. Hard to keep overview and workflows. Face-to-face hackathon produced good results in aligning technical development and focusing energy. It should inspire us for the future.
  • communities convergence: we are establishing relation of trust with various communities, initiatives. How are we going to formally involved those in the decision-making? Mainly how to coopt new communities as officially being part of the one TransforMap map (not all the other many maps)? The rest (ie. definition of the taxonomy) is evacuated through a more decentralized approach: each community uses its own vocabulary and TransforMap, as the mother of many maps, shows everything focusing on the overlap.
  • Outer governance: Transformap is overlapping with the OSM community. Potentially with the wikipedia community (use of Wikidata for translations). This means, we have to take into account existing rules out there. On the other hand we may benefit from those rich ecosystems (e.g. mediawiki).

##Mapping tools great first hack of the existing tool. The editor allows to use the taxonomy. Not so easy to navigate through the different categories. Still missing is the possibility to add categories: hinders greatly the usability of the tool. nice prototyping happening to show what can it be to pull various sets of data (all from OSM now) to produce thematic maps. Lack of data (in OSM) to produce more relevant thematic maps. Next steps: display maps made with data outside OSM: e.g. from See dedicated topic: About the Demo Maps category

  • collection of mapping resources: we have continued to expand our inventory of existing mappings and associated resources (over 250 entries). Next steps: identify most promising cases and improve data. Produce some analysis of the data: Research circle to work on that during a hackathon?
  • collection of POIs: support also events. The tagging is flexible. Our taxonomy is a starting point and then evolve per use by mappers. Allows each community to use its own vocabularies. Next steps: try mass import from existing databases (eg. Arts). Install API and combine with [
  • taxonomy: a large set of topics has organically evolved: First steps are in place to connect the semantic wiki to wikidata for the translations. This has the advantage to contribute to the wikidata/wikipedia commons as well. Next steps: make use of wikidata for translation ready. Build community of translators able to use wikidata. Involved Wikimedia Deutschland. a request has been put to Yohan Boniface to iterate Umap to enable future linking of umaps to the outside. He is positive, but lacks time at the moment (delays from Leaflet 1.0 version). See uMap integration.

The JSON editor is still open for use, but no new development to signal on this side.

#Community building
We further built contacts with activists ready to map locally. There are some local project holder who sometimes have a small budget. How could we manage to provide them with a simple service (simple map interface) while building step by step the technical blocks we need to pull data from different sources?
Should we actually survey the mapping initiatives to better understand their needs? So far we make rather more or less enlightened assumptions…
There is a strong community in France already active at mapping or willing to as well as activists developing very close initiatives (see Collaboration with Encommuns). How can we bring our efforts together? Needs to be a dialogue at technical level. Can we hire a French programmer for the CHEST Funding? @alabaeye thinking of a small tour de France to to mapping of communities: I need tools.
Not much progress in the last months. Hackathon in preparation and onland mapping bike tour for OSCE days. Should seize opportunities to better connect to mapping community (Maptime) and with Wikimedia Deutschland as well as other players?
No news from Berlin Senat for the use of data gathered on @TDoennebrink: any news?

Report from Adrien’s field research.
In discussion with ARTS project to access their database of transition initiatives.
Paper in preparation. There is potentially a strong resonance among the reserach community around the theme of citizen/DIY science.

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(Adrien Labaeye) #2

maybe we want to split this review of work and make it under each category not here in this communication cat. What do you think? to discuss it in MĂĽnchen.

I’m done for the most part. Please add, complete directly editing the text. Use “reply” for discussing my input. :slight_smile:

Regional coordinators: @josefkreitmayer @Giuliana @dreusser @species @Silke @herrmellin could you please, make a short summary for your region. Focusing on what was done and what are the next steps.

thanks @gandhiano for your input!

MMM Coordination group @Silke @josefkreitmayer: should make a call with all interested by setting up an agenda for Munich?