Steve Ediger


I am Steve Ediger and I live in the GreenRise Intentional Community in Chicago. I am connected to TransforMap via Tom Llewellyn of Shareable and have been (somewhat passively) hanging out in the p2p movement for over a decade.

The GreenRise building is owned by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, a thought and action leading edge organization that has practiced on the ground community-based development for over 50 years around the globe. I am volunteering with a group of ICA alumni to curate and make available digitally the 200 filing cabinets of work product from those 50 decades. I’ll post a site up here when we make it more public. I use Technology of Participation methods developed by ICA in my facilitation work.

My four decades of work in the personal computer and Information Technology sector have grounded me in technology, although I don’t claim to be a programmer (I’ve worked more in IT Management). I enjoy mapping and have some experience with ESRI, QGIS, Google and am learning OSM. I try to apply mapping to many projects. Most recently, I have been developing the Shareable Cities map in MapJam 3.0 for Chicago. We’ve done the background data gathering, cleanup, and vetting of over 400 shareable entities in Chicago and plan on releasing the map soon on Shareable’s site.

In conjunction with p2pfoundation and others around Chicago, we are working on Chicago’s first Chamber of Commons. We have found the going slow. Although there are a host of shareable type entities in Chicago, we have not found much foundational thought behind it in a connected way in which you folks are obviously grounded.

I consult to organizations facilitating change and strategic planning, especially in the IT arena. In addition to my long IT background, I have a significant history in organizing communities and cooperatives. It will be good to share this venture with you.


Hi @steveediger,

as you can see with the two likes under your post, it did not pass unseen. Many thanks to Tom for the introduction.
Good luck with your first Chicago chapter of the Chamber of Commons! Is that already in any way connected to @EllenFriedman’s or @DavidBollier’s work?

I feel there is a fair chance to densen the connections in your hemisphere a bit, few other dots would spring up on this “North American TransforMap community members” map.

To close a little curious: In which way did your IT background involve producing Free and Open Source Software or Open Data? Because we could need a helping hand, another eye, to understand the TransforMap process in context of