Sustainable Development Goals

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Continuing the discussion from :snowflake: Invitation of tenders:

This has recently been growing, which will be nice to hear for some. Now all SDGs exist in German in Wikibase and wait for translations:

Further details and pointers are published on

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There still remains a small problem with automising upload of the properties, as copy and paste would be too tiresome. Main categories of the SDGs are now available in english via

The translations sometimes also diverge from the (more official) ones used in Wikipedia and often seem to be literal translations from English, even for German. Have they been translated by the partners, or were them taken from official documents of the respective partner’s countries?

It would be good if each partner took the time to compare their language’s Wikipedia page about the sustainable development goals. Albeit a Slovakian translation of Sustainable Development Goals was missing in cell C5, and doesn’t have a translation on Wikipedia, there was one on This page also links to the various local language Wikipedias, where the actual titles of the individual SDGs could be found. Those are not yet in Wikidata, but remain accessible from:

Following up it would be a research question how to propose this taxonomy via some kind of pull request to Wikidata. cc @maxlath

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I wonder how we could move beyond this taxonomic device and also collect geospatial information about the vectors outlined in The Future of scientific advice … A Summary Report to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.