Susy-Map in action

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

Wow, finally, we are getting there to have a direct first map outcome of the map-generator we are working on since about 1 1/2 years.

First examples of it are here to find:
The taxonomy is the SUSY-Taxonomy V1, for Social and Solidarity Initiatives. The focus is on the initiative-level.

Partners are now implementing it in their site.

We are now preparing the editor for that map, as well as adapting the system to be multiplied for generating and editing several maps with their own remixed and/or newly generated taxonomies.

(Sebastian Romero) #2

@josefkreitmayer great to see the susy map going forward :slight_smile:
We are in a small coalition of open data standards for coop directories and it would be great to see if our open data projects can be interoperable. We are trying to release a data format for coop directories so that we can share open data. Ours is a small coalition with people from,,, communecter, some new york coop directories and in mexico,,,,

hope you doing good Josef

(Josef Kreitmayer) #3

Hello @Sebastian-Romero,

Are you in contact with @mattw?
Matt was working with cooperatives data in UK, also in relation to data format / linked open data / and taxonomy development.

The following conversation might also be interesting for you: About

I assume, about you are in contact with @bhaugen?
There is quite a view conversations going on with that topic.

To be honest, our discourse platform stalled somehow during 2016, as we were mainly in development mode for the Transformap ecosystem.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #4

That reads interesting:
Thank you for sharing!

Here you can also find our latest editor:
Please do not share yet. The login mechanism is not yet deployed.
With the login mechanism, each contributor will agree to contribute the data under a public domain license, in order to have the longterm perspective of contributing the data into Open Street Map, and make it available to partner projects.

It is not fully clear, how the data will be handled, but I suppose, that although it is fully open by license, full access to the API will just be granted to trusted partners in the broader ecosystem, but that is just an assumption on my side, and technically also not implemented yet.

(Bhaugen) #5

I assume, about you are in contact with @bhaugen?

Yes, Sebastian has connected with several people from valueflows.

(Sebastian Romero) #6

Hey @josefkreitmayer the transformap editor looks gooood!

I have talked with Matt and Bob yes, thanks for the suggestion. They are both in this google group I wanted to invite you to!forum/coopdatastandards

We are about to release the version 1.0 of the data standards and it would be great to hear what you and the Susy map think.


(Josef Kreitmayer) #7

Hello @Sebastian-Romero I want to thank you for the invitiation to the google group, but need to decline it. My current only focus is closing the current project streams I am involved with personally and with my organization Get Active. The current top priority is to finish the development of the editor, as the login-system and history interface is still missing.

(Sebastian Romero) #8

Hi @josefkreitmayer I understand that focusing on current projects its important. I´ll send you the data standard for coop directories and if you see the benefit of applying it to strengthen interoperability just let me know :slight_smile: