the transformaps atlas and geospatial mapping

(Josef Kreitmayer) #1

@toka Hello toka,

would you like to take time with me this week sometime wed to fr,
to go through the structure of semantic mediawiki and see, where we can improve to solidify it as a base for the geographical mapping.

a possible first step could be to get an idea together, what needs improvement, and what are the current and possible future qualities of the system?

I think there were comments on the current structure from @species, as well as @alabaeye

As we were talking at the community meeting at thinkfarm, I would really like to collaborate on making what we currently have in the semantic mediawiki useful.

would really apprechiate,
sorry for the delay, I tried hard,

Josef - the transformaps atlas - Semantic Mediawiki
The Atlas Strategy
(Adrien Labaeye) #2

Hey there. I’m trying to have listed on this page all the entries that have the ‘Meta’ tag… somehow struggling again… looking other pages but hardly finding hints.
So I’ve added: {{type|meta}}
It says that I then need to create the template for ‘type’. Should we do this? Would be very useful that meta (i.e. atlas), map are semantic values so we can search after them. Happy to learn about that!

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Documenting here my face to face session with @toka about the ‘meta’ category.

Under this link one can address all meta-mappings (ie. Atlases):
On each entry profile page check the bottom of the page to access that category (and others):

(Adrien Labaeye) #4

@toka: do you think we could easily add on the left-hand menu: ‘List of Atlases (mapping of maps)’ - on the same level as ‘list of mappings’ (which could be change to list of maps/directories).
I don’t want to have a specific template but it would improve the discoverability of those…

(Thomas Kalka) #5

just edit

(Josef Kreitmayer) #6


can we

  • close the POI collection stream on the semantic mediawiki?
  • make the data available in csv to prepare it for consumation by the TransforMap API?
  • focus on developing the map of the maps stream: Taiga task #30


(Josef Kreitmayer) #7

(Jon Richter) #8

@toka Es gibt neue Bewegung zum Thema Mediawiki und Maps, siehe auch