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Hi, this is Teo from Greece.
I am a sociologist by training, and I work as a translator. I participate actively in social movements around self-management, most importantly in the solidarity assembly of the VioMe recuperated factory and Initiative 136 for social control of Thessaloniki’s water service.

I was previously involved in a similar european mapping project, which didn’t prosper due to lack of funds. But we did quite a bit of testing and I will be happy to transfer my experience to this project.
I am based in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, but I have quite a bit of knowledge regarding Greece in general.

Once the testing phase is over, I could help find a few more people around Greece, Spain or the U.K. who would be interested in contributing to the project.

Find me on twitter @TebeoTeo or mail me at

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Teo, Welcome on Board !

Could you provide pointers to your prior mapping work?

The Ripess project could need help translating their questionaire to greek.
I have to ask Jason about current status.

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Hi Toka,

Unfortunately the map we made is not online anymore, server space is expensive.
It was made in Drupal using Cartaro distribution with openstreetmap.

The project was started after an international strategy meeting, by activists from Greece, Spain, the U.K., Ireland and Belgium. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any funding, and the project was too big to go ahead just on volunteer work, especially the tech side.


What remains online are the collective documents we created, which outline the technical and political discussions we had. I don’t know if it can be of any use to you, but I am sure the rest of the team will not mind if I share it here:

I may be able to help with translations, but not before early June, sorry! I am very tied up.

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Hi @Teo,

Are there any backups of the data left? It would be very unfortunate, if your work was lost completely :-/
In which year did you make this map? If it is not too long ago, maybe most entries are still valid. What license did the dataset have? If your contributors agree, maybe we can revive your map within TransforMap?


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Hi Michael,
I will talk about it with the rest of the team, although I don’t think it is worth the effort to revive the map, since we never got past the testing phase, and we kept struggling with bugs in the software.
What we could salvage is the people behind it and the bits of experience we accumulated. When the time comes I could ask these people to contribute to transformap, if there is agreement on this.

Actually we spent zillions of hours discussing the categories and subcategories, what should and should not be included, and what sort of information should be collected to help the end user interact with the project.
Of course a mapping project is defined as much by what it does map as by what it doesn’t map. You don’t want to have your map devolve into a catalog of capitalist businesses disguised as coops, corporate-sponsored organizations, charities using the language of social movements, greenwashing environmental organizations, NGOs pushing forward neoliberal reforms, etc. One should draw a line, and be able to enforce it. I think that is the single most difficult issue in such a project. Has there been such a discussion in transformap? Could you point me towards it?

Another issue that was tough was to map the non-localizable projects in a visually attractive way. E.g an alternative currency scheme might be 100% virtual and not have an office or a meeting space, how do you map it? I know that at this stage of testing of transformap we cannot map this kind of projects, but are there any thoughts about the future?

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Hi @tebeoTeo ; great you’re here!
Please apology my silence, had difficult internet access lately and was so busy with the launch and with finalizing our book (patterns of commoning); too bad it’s not yet available for the commonsfest in Athens. Pls greet all the ppl there. I will now focus on our regional/testmapping page and try to give you some orientation together with @gandhiano
Again, happy to have you here.

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after zillions of hours discussion categories and subcategories we came up so far with this taxonomy (the first three categories are decisive for the test-mapping process)
You’ll immediately see that our taxonomy is:

  • needs based (2.1)
  • taking into acount the subjectivities of the different alternative approaches (via the category: “self-identy of communities” (2.2)
  • focusing on alternative ways of interaction beyond just buying and selling (2.3)

There is more in the making, but this will be done after the testmapping

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We should create backups of all of these pads, as TitanPad is shutting down very soon. I previously had success with

@gandhiano has once concluded later thoughts on this in

The first discussion about this is documented in