Thomas Kalka (@toka)

(Thomas Kalka) #1

After one year of lurking I joined TransforMap at the Potsdam Meeting.
I’m trying to condense content on this side.

One dream in context of transformap is to support the emergence of a machine compatible commons meta language.

Ask me something or write about me in this thread.

I’m regularely in in Potsdam, Berlin and Roddahn (Neustadt Dosse).
Openstreetmap, github, twitter, skype:thomaskalka

(Michael Vesely) #2

As being a developer. What are the (programming) languages you are familiar with?

(Thomas Kalka) #3

@Michael my first language was Turbo-Pascal and Z80 Assembler. I worked with Delphi, c++, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, VHDL …
Currently I like to work in python and coffeescript.

But I am more a hacker than a coder. I hack to understand and to find ways to join services with minimum effort. In general I favour development in small incremental steps.

(Michael Maier) #4

@toka, can you specify your time-budget for TransforMap in the next few months/next half year?

We would need you desperately at the SSEDAS and CHEST projects :slight_smile:

(Jon Richter) #5

@toka Do you still like the idea of small interviews in this category?

(Thomas Kalka) #6

Yes. In addition I’m thinking about having an entry per regular user in our wiki.
This would have the benefit that we could talk about interests (“what communities / type of poi’s do you want to have inside transformap?”) or abilities in way which is understandable by machines also.
We would also have a map of mappers …

(Jon Richter) #7

From my perspective, this can be an already existing microservice from our ecosystem like the Open Steps Directory or, in a sense, an Open App Ecosystem companion to Holodex (which is live at

Let’s try to seperate function of a tool from its instantiation, so we can discuss about the right concepts.

(Thomas Kalka) #8

Hm. Das wäre noch ein neues Werkzeug.
Mir ging es eher darum, etwas semantisches, was wir schon nutzen, aufzuwerten.
Aber vielleicht sollten wir dazu eine Mumble Session machen ?

(Thomas Kalka) #9

I do not know yet.
If I find time and feel, that my skills could be helpfull, I will try to join from time to time.