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(Thomas Schwab) #1

Since the end of 2014 I am in contact with the transformap community, now its time to register. During last weeks Michael Maier integrated the Greenmap Data BenE München collected in Munich/Germany into transformap. Report: GreenMap Munich Import complete. With this, we try to develop a instruction for the import of Greenmap Data into transformap.
I recomend a book from Paul Hawken: “Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice and Beauty to the World”. German: “Wir sind der Wandel”.

(Jon Richter) #2

Hi @RCE_BenE_Muenchen great meeting again! Weren’t you hosting us during the last summer gathering?

(Thomas Schwab) #3

Hi Jon,

yes, thats right. It was a pleasure to host your meeting last year.
Actually I am talking with big sustainability organisations and networks
in Munich about a servant role for the different topic-maps:
Fair Trade: NordSüdForum
Organic: Bund Naturschutz Ökologisch Essen
Identities: Münchner Machbarn

NordSüdForum has its page in Typo3. Is there a description for
Transformap-Integration like for Wordpress?

During the Social Barcamp Inclusion we developed an idea for cooperation
with NGOs which focus on wheelchair accessibility, like the /Club
Behinderter und ihre Freunde e.V./ for Munich. If you click in
Transformap on the icon of a institution with data on wheelchair
accessibility, there is a wheelchair icon in different colours under the
address field.
The idea: A link from this Icon could be set to the description about
special toilets etc. What do you
think about this idea and who could be a expert for the further discussion?


(Jon Richter) #4

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(Michael Maier) #5

Not yet, because I have no access to a Typo3-site where I could try it out.

But it should be as easy as for Wordpress, because it is no special Plugin, but just a bunch of JavaScript/HTML/CSS which should run in any CMS if the source code is copy/pasted here.

I would be happy to try it out on a Typo3 CMS too if it works in reality, because Wordpress did some weird modifications to content users paste in.

We use OpenStreetMaps ‘wheelchair’-scheme for that information (in the same way as WheelMap does. We can display the wheelchair toilet information or description text from OpenStreetMap too.

Using the information on is more complicated, we have to contact them if we are allowed to use their descriptions. Or we just set a link to their sites for every poi, e.g. with “wheelchair:description:url”. In any case, someone have to manually set the links for each POI in OSM to the respective site on

But it would be a good example of a basic Linked Data approach!