Tom Llewellyn @TomShareable

Tom Llewellyn Organizing Director / Sharing Cities Network (SCN)
@Shareable | | 925.876.2942
Skype: TimeToGetReal

Hello Transformap community,

I first began doing community/resource asset mapping in 2008 while co-leading the Sustainable Living Roadshow across the USA. It was always a dream to create an asset map for every community and that they could one day all be linked up to form a single global map of goodness. That passion lead me to Shareable where I have become the Organizing Director and now lead the Global #MapJam. In the first 2 years of the #MapJam we have worked with groups in 80 cities to create local maps and directories. I am very excited for the future of Transformap and hope to utilize it during the 3rd MapJam scheduled for March 2016.

What I can offer:
After 2 years of MapJams we have a lot of data and I am excited to share it and seed the listings on Transformap. I have also spent a lot of time supporting non tech savvy community members with their maps and have insight in regards to barriers and functionality/ease of use.

What I share:
Everything I can. I grew up in a small “UnIntentional Community,” ran my first crowdfunder at age 10, started multiple pop-up businesses, participate in “in-formal car shares,” couch surf, bike share, buy most things used, and do my best to live out the story of “Stone Soup;” helping others to recognize their own abundance by sharing with others in their community.