TransforMap - a short introduction

There are Plenty of Alternatives. TransforMap makes them visible.

TransforMap works towards an online-platform for you to visualize the myriads of alternatives to the dominant economic thinking on a single mapping system. It will give everybody the opportunity to map all the initiatives, communities, projects, worker-owned, self-managed, democratically organised companies and other institutions dedicated to meeting people’s needs, serving the common good and/or contributing to a sustainable way of life.

TransforMap will/can show all the places, spaces and networks that work on fostering cooperation and deepening human relationships through (co-)producing, exchanging, contributing, gifting and sharing, for a free, fair and sustainable world.

TransforMap invites all existing mapping initiatives to cooperate and co-create maps based on an open pool of data, a common taxonomy, free software and standardised APIs. It will be/is published under an Open Data License.

Our world is transforming. There are old and new alternatives all over the planet. TransforMap will show you how to get there.

Version as of 09.04.2015

This was the short description. You are also invited to read the long one.

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There is also a french edition of this atémocratiques_numériques_pour_la_transition

Unfortunately it seems I have just killed Encommuns wiki. @Simon_Sarazin Can you bring it back online?

The text cached by Google reads as:

Travaille sur une plate-forme en ligne pour visualiser la myriade d’alternatives à la pensée économique dominante sur un système de cartographie unique. Il donnera à chacun la possibilité de cartographier les initiatives, les collectivités, les projets, les travailleurs appartenant, autogérés, les sociétés organisées démocratiquement et d’autres institutions dédiées à répondre aux besoins des personnes, au service du bien commun et / ou contribuer à un mode de vie durable.

TransforMap invite toutes les initiatives de cartographie existantes à coopérer et à co-créer des cartes sur la base d’une base de données ouverte, une taxonomie commune, des logiciels libres et des API standardisées. Il est publié sous licence Open Data.

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