TransforMap and MMM

one more thing, I mean to add this link -

livestream of talks and tweets maybe will lead to some useful ideas for
the mapping platform discussion
best wishes, Wendy

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Would be good yes maybe to see if sometimes we could highlight contribution from the forum on the blog (mentioning that they are just an opinion).

for me too, but vizualizing many maps as one map may actually answer that desire. My point is in not starting one TransforMap with one database. Rather channel people to contribute to existing maps whenever possible or encourage them to start their own (in interoperable way, following some data models) and contribute to this federated mapping commons.

about rescoping of CHEST and SSEDAS: would be needed to see where (what element of the proposal) there is consent and dissent and potential difficulties.

If SSEDAS is a project. I see CHEST as being of a very different nature. I’m fine in having a SSEDAS sub-category. Why not under ‘Communities’? I think that makes sense.

I’m sure this is what you meant, but let’s make very clear that OSM is and will remain the basis for all geo-data in the various bits of infrastructure we’re trying to put together. The question is how far it should be used to store data.

I guess we should build upon that effort then: General communities' requirements for TransforMap

I believe in the power of naming (but also sometimes in the need to choose boring names to avoid hype). :wink:

In terms of target groups, one could work here to make the list of the maps/communities we want to intensively talk to - please feel free to edit the first post as a wiki. I believe we don’t moderate that process enough.We need to formalize it a bit, without necessarily giving structures. But at least that there is a group of people that are putting together maps that is regularly consulted. In normal project management bullshit language that would be some sort of advisory board (thinking of CHEST… @josefkreitmayer).

[quote=“wellemut, post:18, topic:387”]
Just the direct access to the osm database seems to be too complicated at
the moment.
[/quote] This is why I believe we need to think about ways to find collaboration avenues without storing data in OSM first - @almereyda @species is there documentation of outcomes from your talk with @flosse somewhere?

Faster is good but should be documented so we can work collectively and add up on each other’s work.

Thanks @wendy for your thoughtful feedback. Have you had any contact with the organizers already?

When you receive those mails in your inbox, they’re actually published online on the forum: you can reply from your email or directly on the forum (and edit answers). That’s a convenient feature from the Discourse open source forum software :wink:

Thank for bringing your voice in the discussion. Do you still think that if we redefine TransforMap as TransforMapS (i.e. focusing on showcasing existing maps, and offering the possibility to vizualize them together, without having therefore a TransforMap database)?

It’s clear that if we define those two tracks, it would be to bring on board people who haven’t been much involved up until now - like you. I could well see those two tracks co-evolving, with some overlap in participation, but clear distinction of goals.

I like that, but it’s valid if you want to work quietly, not when you want to mobilize the crowds. Hence TransforMapS (for the hype, cause that’s part of the goal: increase visibility of alternative economies) and MMM (for the quiet work in the background)

I don’t think so. in this case TransforMapS will be as you said a (well built and functional) showcase of other maps (more in line with the original idea as I understood it last august) based on the use of the MMM api/protocol. in this scenario I neither think the TransformMap/MMM distinction will be needed anymore, as actually the MMM approach will be used - regardless of the name that will be choosen (in this case I will keep transformap(s) and discard mmm - just imho)

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