TransforMap base visualisation

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(Jon Richter) #1

During the development of a small budgeting application for the project, we needed a graph visualisation (right-click to open in new tab) of our model. Reusing and adapting existing software led the path to quick success here.

Right-click/long-tap the image and select to open the link in a new tab. The link is a bit special and breaks Discourse’ ability to link with left-click/tap.
via SolidBase: financial sustainability for solidarity-based food systems

I’m bringing this up here, because it is perfectly well suited to visualise taxonomies, like ours:

For the specific case of visualising a vocabulary that consists of other than strictly hierarchic relations, we needed to write a custom SPARQL query that formats the graph according to what the visualisation expects.

This was simple thanks to adapting one of the visualisations of Wikidata. We may wish to pick others at times, some are interlinked and therefore almost dependent on each other.

Then the Wikibase stack may also be migrated into the official distribution at some point, so that we gain automatically updated RDF indices, and the auto-complete-enabled Wikibase query engine.

I’m glad @yova and @gandhiano didn’t stop me on the way (8 h first visualisation, 4 h SPARQL) and for allowing the project to indirectly contribute to this mapping initiative, thanks to network effects.

(Jon Richter) #2

These are the changes that it took us to adapt the existing software to our database: