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(Y'a la merde!) #24

@kei and @gandhiano, go ahead and check out the links at the bottom of . I appear to be less frightened now, thanks to this recommendation from an old id22 WordPress friend.

Although knowing exists now, we may want to restrict this experiment to a blog subdomain of such, whilst the FQDN should remain reserved for uMap. Then, remains open for something else like KeystoneJS for me to play with :slight_smile: (even though it uses MongoDB). could be upgraded to use and we had a lovely testbed with a nice mix of architectures, programming languages and databases to investigate and costabilize, in other words federate.

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #25

We have now a backdoor for the use of legacy applications in Transformap ^^

Drupal :love_letter: , Wordpress, and, who knows, Typo3, phpBB, Joomla :syringe:

(Josef Kreitmayer) #26

@gandhiano @almereyda, I would strongy favour a separation about landing page technical topics and about design topics, as I think that basically the technical stops any conversation about the design. At the same time, the current bug needs resolution, or we need another page software.

(Jon Richter) #27

Which bug do you mean? As far as I know the docpad repo is not broken.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #28

maybe it is not a bug, but it simply does not work.

(Jon Richter) #29

Did anybody take the effort to read and understand the link in


(Josef Kreitmayer) #30

I read it.
Were adressing @gandhiano? That is not fully clear.
Gualter, did you read it?

Is there relevance for the issue I described above?

(Jon Richter) #32

If the issue is updating the landing page, then the link to contains a command to do so.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #33

@gandhiano, does that resolve the issue?

(Michael Maier) #34

As you didn’t set a link to the ‘latest hanging pull request’, I found the effort to dig through Github too big to fit in my current time budget, sorry.

Mapping the Transformap Ecosystem
(Jon Richter) #35

You can always find the Pull Requests close to the repository in question, i.e. or

(Josef Kreitmayer) #36

@gandhiano, @almereyda is the technical landing page issue resolved?

We got a let´s say “pull request” from the CHEST communication officer to provide their logo and link on our website:

Thank you for adding the EC and CHEST logos and text to the forum, and for posting similar information on Facebook.

Please can you add the EC logo and CHEST logo to the Transformap website itself, preferably with the CHEST logo linked to our website:

…as requested mid of January.

Important CHEST Dissemination Actions for Call 3 projects
(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #37

Yes, I finally managed to get the changes rendered and posted on the TransforMap site, after having 8 hours sleep at night and RTFM @almereyda pointed to.

@josefkreitmayer please open an issue on our taiga board with the needed logos and infos, and assign it to me. I will deal with it the next days.

(Josef Kreitmayer) #38


thank you both!

(Jon Richter) #39

Hey @gandhiano it seems your merge failed and you reintroduced abandoned stuff.
And it happened exactly what I tried to avoid:


(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #43

This was because of the mess with branches and forks. I tried to ask you both several times which branch should I fork. It is also a sign of ineffectiveness in page updates - the information that is there now, was supposed to be for the 15MMM, one year ago.

Never think that the workflows and tools you established are obvious for others, and make sure to provide full and clear information when bringing in new tools/procedures.

I can work out the mess in the next days. Some information on branches and forks would help in that work.

(Jon Richter) #44

This is what I am unable to see. Everything is documented and can be looked up, how else would I learn about such things?

Can you specify your confusion about the branches in ?

It seems the source are still in the state as you left them, incorporating the commits I had put on the 15mmm one, your merge of it in itself (?) and your updates, and you managed now to publish the generated files to the master branch. Everything understood so far.

What probably confuses you is the setting for organizational GitHub pages which publishes them from master instead of a gh-pages one.

That’s why the default branch is source, to fork from.

Similar deployment mechanics are used in

for a dokku deployment or

but for regular gh-pages.

(Adrien Labaeye) #45

So we’re still nowhere with administering the landing page. A minimum of maintenance even if manual is REQUIRED! I’m annoyed because I can’t do that minimum myself and for months and months there is this shitty post about a paper for a conference behind showcased on the landing page as update! This is one of the most viewed post of the whole discourse!
Can someone with access to Prose remove that entry! (I tried several times, that never worked) without trying to elaborate a pure tech solution! Just manually remove that entry. Period. Once and for all. I’ve asked for it a few times now. Please, someone, remove it.
As an idea that could be replaced by this much more relevant post: Community Report #1: 31st March 2016
PLEASE! (mix of despair, frustration, and anger)
@almereyda @gandhiano @kei

(kei) #46

Just wanted to update on this; on Friday we met and updated the updates,
finally! We also planned to document and prepare a clear process for
updating the site this week during the working sessions.

Apologies again Adrien for the frustration!

(Adrien Labaeye) #47

thanks @kei and sorry for the burst.
Let’s then further update the list of updates on Wednesday with that link Listing all atlases of maps