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(Adrien Labaeye) #45

So we’re still nowhere with administering the landing page. A minimum of maintenance even if manual is REQUIRED! I’m annoyed because I can’t do that minimum myself and for months and months there is this shitty post about a paper for a conference behind showcased on the landing page as update! This is one of the most viewed post of the whole discourse!
Can someone with access to Prose remove that entry! (I tried several times, that never worked) without trying to elaborate a pure tech solution! Just manually remove that entry. Period. Once and for all. I’ve asked for it a few times now. Please, someone, remove it.
As an idea that could be replaced by this much more relevant post: Community Report #1: 31st March 2016
PLEASE! (mix of despair, frustration, and anger)
@almereyda @gandhiano @kei

(kei) #46

Just wanted to update on this; on Friday we met and updated the updates,
finally! We also planned to document and prepare a clear process for
updating the site this week during the working sessions.

Apologies again Adrien for the frustration!

(Adrien Labaeye) #47

thanks @kei and sorry for the burst.
Let’s then further update the list of updates on Wednesday with that link Listing all atlases of maps