Transformap in FabLabs Québec Wiki



We would like to take some informations about our FabLabs Québec Wiki, in transformap. We want a map for all the FabLabs in Québec province. How can we do that? Here’s the link:ébec

Thank you

(Thomas Kalka) #2

Unfortunately the provided link is not readable without login.

Could you create a login for me and send me a pwd by private message ?

Since you are using semantic mediawiki already, you could use the semantic maps plugin to show a map.

Our data aggregation feature is in the making, so unfortunately there is no “transformap map view” despite the data, which is entered into Open Street Map directly.

(Adrien Labaeye) #3

Hi there and welcome!

Thanks for getting in touch!
So far there are two things that can be done (both can done or just one).

  • create a map with uMap. Here is some help: How to make a personalized map with uMap?
    Basically this will allow you to have your own map, with link, HTML code to embed, etc. You can easily import your list of FabLabs.
  • add data into OpenStreetMap through our fork of the iDEditor here:
    You will have to register at OpenStreetMap to have an editor account. This quite easy. Doing this you will be able to add data to OSM (so it’s visible beyond just TransforMap) and easily (with options proposed) give specific information regarding what needs are fulfilled by each initiative, what modes of interaction are used at each place, and add FabLab in the identity field. There is also an option to import data as a bulk. @species may provide support on this.

At the same time, are you aware of this map?
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