TransforMap meeting in Budapest 2016

(Silke ) #1


  • Silke
  • Annesley_Newholm
  • Jonathan

and @Scrumteam1

  • Jon
  • Adrien
  • Gualter
  • Michael
  • Josef


  • Jon shares proposal of fringe meeting in Montreal via appropriate platform → TransforMap community needs to decide who will be responsable and stay in touch with partners

  • Silke writes Mapping as Commons summary; shares with community → on discourse and commonsblog → @almereyda pls send input

  • Silke (and others?) write their own user-case down (where, what for was it again?)

  • Silke opens a thread on discourse for the planning of the patterns workshop; shares draft-invitation (2000 Euro for pattern workshop are budgeted)

  • all decide a venue for patterns workshop (Witzenhausen has been discussed, but no decision making so far) → other proposals?

  • @almereyda and Silke need to make a decision about the bucket funding we got for WSF → Silke’s proposal: honorarium for the person who will be in charge in setting up the winter retreat with the international partners.

What has been done since Sept. 2015?

(rough notes, not sure I understood everything, if sbd. Want’s to add; pls also add links)

  1. map of food sovereignity indicators

user request (more info?)

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  1. managed to set up the taxonomy server (taxonomy of SSEDAS project is in; export function still missing but probably be there within 2 weeks).

Question: Which taxonomies will be put on the server?

taxonomy server with export function enables users to create maps within their own browser (?) with the same data set; each type of initiative is present in different types of taxonomies → via a Venn diagram one can see which part of taxonomy is overlapping with which other part and what exactly is useful for the data ppl. are looking for

The goal is: using, resusing and remixing different sets of filters, producing different visualizatios enabled by different connected taxonomies. → basic idea: the choice of what taxonomy to use should be a decision of the users, not of the technicians

Question: How to make sure, that all the options are available, when ppl enter data. F.i. if the entry mask doesn’t include the question of „identities“, at the end the user cannot click on „all degrowth projects in Germany or wheresoever“?

  1. cleaning up semantic media wiki (Adrian)

  2. mapping system is actually existing, no different atlasses to play with (? don’t quit get it), but this is needed as a testbed for hypothesis that we can formulate about how to merge the data, import data and make them visible etc. (ETL: Extract Transform Load)

  3. Data Interfaces; decision is not to have write back to the existing data (not entirely clear to me)

The challenge

What is the minimum requirement for the users (the quality of their data) to generate interoperability →Importing data into TransforMap, is not just as „dumping objects“, the complexity is at the social level → How to create a common bank of meaning about all data? And how to enable community to add and edit data (if ppl put their own tags, it will be richer)

Taxonomies vs. Folksonomies, i.e. controled ontologies vs. mash& learning → the latter; until you get a usable signal.

In any case, it’s necessary to have knowledge/ clarity of what ppl want to search for: the best question to do so: Where is your pain?

Now in the making

James Lewis (ex unmonastery) set up the ETL (Extract Transforma Load), a mechanism to aggregate maps: now three prototype cases: f.i. Rede Convergir (who else?); will be ready by end of September and easy to make a common map out of


Editor will be done soon (ppl. Feel an urgent need to map)
5000 Euro left from SSEDAS (2000 of them for the TransforMap workshop)

Navigating pattern languages for mapping the transformations