TransforMap on The Collaborative Technology Alliance?

(Oli S-B) #1

Hi TransforMap people :slight_smile:

This community looks amazing!

Would you be interested in listing your Organisation and Projects as part of the Collaborative Technology Alliance at ?

We’re simply trying to map out who is working on what, where, using which technologies…

Our aim is to encourage people to stop reinventing the wheel and to collaborate with existing projects instead…
…and, once we have reached a critical mass of members, to initiate a global conversation in order to encourage greater interoperability between the technologies and communities in our network, in order to achieve greater ‘network effects’.

Signing up to the CTA does not commit you to anything other than pointing people to updates about your work.
So it’s really not very onerous.

It would be great to have you listed.

Please let me know what you think?

All the best

Oliver Sylvester-Bradley

(Jon Richter) #2

Hi Oliver,

thanks for closing the circles here. We are indeed linked to some people in that organisation already, such as @fosterlynn or @bhaugen. Parallely with @oceatoon and them we also converse a lot about an Open Apps Ecosystem/the Open App Ecosystem on Loomio.

Am I correct in assuming that signing up on that site is only neccessary for providing a submission, and will not result in further mailings?

I was also watching the CTA conversations on Hylo, but participating in textual discourse takes a whole lot of time.

Greetings, Jon

(Oli S-B) #3

Hi Jon
Thanks for the reply - great to hear there are some familiar people here :slight_smile:
CTA is not the same as OAE though. CTA is not trying to develop software, simply to make others aware of existing software projects… if anyone here is working on a software project which seeks to make the world more open, accountable, collaborative, etc please do list it on the CTA site at

Yes. Anyone can take the pledge and sign up as an Individual or an Organisation, and list their projects at the same time. This will make you contactable (via a contact form on the CTA site) so that others can get in touch if they are interested in collaborating, and the CTA itslef may email members with more news ideas at some point, but there are no plans other than those at this stage.

I agree - it would be great if we could reduce the number of overlapping conversations that people need to follow :wink: