TransforMap on The Collaborative Technology Alliance?

Hi TransforMap people :slight_smile:

This community looks amazing!

Would you be interested in listing your Organisation and Projects as part of the Collaborative Technology Alliance
We’re simply trying to map out who is working on what, where, using which technologies…

Our aim is to encourage people to stop reinventing the wheel and to collaborate with existing projects instead…
…and, once we have reached a critical mass of members, to initiate a global conversation in order to encourage greater interoperability between the technologies and communities in our network, in order to achieve greater ‘network effects’.

Signing up to the CTA does not commit you to anything other than pointing people to updates about your work.
So it’s really not very onerous.

It would be great to have you listed.

Please let me know what you think?

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I would love to encourage an initiative like this. I think that we need rules, procederes and tools for collaborate, where we unmask ourself and openly we decide to show how are we making our living, what is our contribution with in the collaboration and what is our recognition or payment out of it.

Of course I have a proposal… but as you said… maybe the wheel is already invented…
Looking forward to hearing from you.